SAME Support to Houston

As you all know well, many of our members have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

The TEXOMA Region (RVP – Brig Gen Patrice Melancon, F.SAME, USAF) and the Houston-Galveston Post (President Mike Fitzgerald) are working hard to identify the exact impact to members. They are also coordinating with the Coastal Bend Post.


How you can help

There are three ways in which you can help either as individuals or as a Post or Region:

  • Donate as individuals to the Post directly, no tax deduction*; all money goes directly to SAME members.
  • Donate to a tax-deductible organization.
  • A Post can donate Post funds, provided the Post Board approves the donation; no issues with tax deduction – the Post is 501 c (3).

*It Is important to note that individuals donating directly to the Post MAY NOT CLAIM A TAX DEDUCTION. Legally, the IRS allowed (since 9/11) 501 c (3)’s to collect money from individuals to support disasters like this provided the money went only to “public purposes”.

The caveat is that the 501c(3) can donate money directly to members as long as the donor does not claim a tax break. The advantage of donating to the Post … every cent goes to our members.

Other Key Points

  • The SAME National Office will provide accounting oversight.
  • The RVP (Patrice Melancon) will rally the Region to form the disbursement committee (to ensure separation between recipients and disbursement decisions).
  • The Houston-Galveston Post will report at the conclusion on funds received and disbursed as well as impact on members.


Donation Instructions

  • Donations to the Houston-Galveston Post: Click on the link below to donate online. Please note that in this instance, if an individual donates directly to the Houston Post, that donation is not tax deductible in the eyes of the IRS.


    Additionally, the Houston-Galveston Post is in the process of assessing the number of affected members and the extent of the needs of those members. More information will be forthcoming as it is received. If the funds received by the Houston-Galveston Post exceeds the level of need by those members affected, the remaining funds will be donated to one of the three relief organizations mentioned below, at the discretion of the Houston-Galveston Post Board and the RVP of the Region.   

  • Donations to local relief organizations: If Posts, or individuals, prefer to donate to a relief organization, here is a list of the Top 3 that the Houston-Galveston Post Board recommends
 American Redcross

American Red Cross

Donate Today

Soldiers Angels

Soldiers' Angels

Donate Today

JJ Watt Foundation

JJ Watt Foundation

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