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March 2017

Planning and Design:  Environmental Considerations for MILCONs - Biological Opinion and Assessment Processes Influencing

Construction Methods through Contract Specifications

Presentation by  Al Borja, Marine Corps Activity Guam, Planning and Design, Environmental Director

Military Officer Brief, Presented by LT Carl Clemencich, CEC, USN OICC, MC Marianas – ROICC Finegayan

February 2017

Joint Meeting of Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors and Construction Contractors

Main Presentation -  NAVFAC Construction Program Update Guam and CNMI

Presentation by CAPT Stephanie Jones, PE, CEC, USN; Commanding Officer NAVFAC Marianas and Regional Engineer of Joint Region Mariana

Janauary 2017

Applying Technology and Expertise to Resolve Wildlife Conflicts in Guam

US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

Presentation by Robert “Goose” Gosnell, TWS Certified Wildlife Biologist Guam State Director- USDA/APHIS/ Wildlife Services, and Tony Pangelinan, K9 Trainer          

Military Officer Brief, Presented by LT Jonathan Kim, CEC, USN, NBG PWD FM


November 2016

US COAST GUARD, Presented by LCDR Sarah Graham, P.E., USCG Sector Guam Logistics Dept.

Military Officer Brief, Presented by Capt Daniel Calvario, USAF 36 CES

Committee Brief, Presented by Bob Shambach, Streamers Chair

October 2016

"Broken Windows Theory of Crime, a Cultural Perspective”

Military Build Up & Other Forces Impacting Guam and the CNMI, Presented by William Corbett, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Military Officer Brief, TJG Randy Olaes, CEC, USN Asst Production Officer NBG

September 2016

Guam Public Utilities Commission Update on GPA and GWA, Presented by Jeff Johnson, Guam PUC Chairman                                                                             

Military Officer Brief, Presented by Jacki French 2nd Lt USAF, 36 CES/CEC                                                                                                                                  

Sustaining Member Brief, Presented by IAN Corporation Construction

August 2016

"Welcome to Guam" - On behalf of the Young Members Committee and the Offices and Directors of the SAME Guam Post, the event was hosted in recognition of the Officer-in-Charge of Construction (OICC) Marine Corps Marianas, and to encourage continued relations and partnerships between the Department of Defense and the Guam community.  

General Membership Meeting:
"Limestone Characteristics and Properties: Everything YOU Need to Know from an Engineering and Construction Perspective"

Presentation by: 
Ukrit Siriprusanan, Ph.D. of Geo-Engineering & Testing, Inc. and
John Jenson, Ph.D., Professor and Nate Habana, Ph.D.Asst. Professor of the
Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific (WERI)

July 2016

JETC 2016 - Overview from a National, Local and Young Member and DoD Perspective

National Level Update, Presentation by Richard Stump, SAME Regional Vice President, Pacific 

Guam UpdatePresentation by CAPT Noel Enriquez, USN (Ret.), SAME Guam Post President
Young Member & DoD Update, Presented by LT. Timothy R. Dhams, CEC, USN, SAME Secretary

May 2016

Port Renovation - Modernization at a Glance

Presentation by Joanne Brown, General Manager 

Port Authority of Guam

April 2016

DPW Projects: Plans, Updates and Goals Design and Construction

Presentation by Glenn Leon Guerrero, Director 

Department of Public Works

March 2016

554th RED HORSE Squadron Civic Action Team - Palau Mission

Continuing a Legacy: the United States' 46-Year Mission of Engineering, Mechanical, & Medical Support to Palau

Presentation by: Captain Naseem Ghandour, USAF – 554th RED HORSE SQUADRON

February 2016

NAVFAC Construction Program Update Guam and CNMI

Presentation by CAPT Stephanie Jones, USN

Commanding Officer, NAVFAC Marianas and

Regional Engineer of Joint Region Marianas

January 2016

Keeping the Lights On!

GPA’s Temporary Power Solution

Presentation by Aggreko Power Solutions

Venkie Shantaram, Regional Director for North Asia

Rob Hessing, Head of Engineering


The SAME Guam Post Board of Directors usually meets on the first Thursday of the month, 

currently at Three Squares Restaurant in Tamuning.