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Post Leadership Awards

CDM Smith Sustaining Member Firm of the Year photo

Sustaining Member Firm of the Year: CDM Smith

CDM Smith is an employee-owned international water, environmental, transportation, energy and facilities company serving federal, commercial, state and local clients since 1947, with 5200 professionals in over 100 offices. CDM has been a Sustaining Member of SAME for over 25 years. CDM is a SAME Silver Partner, supporting over 40 posts where its employees are active contributors, serving on the Board of at least ten. This year alone, CDM staff are in leading roles for the Mobile, Omaha and Boston Industry Days, Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites (DCHWS) Philadelphia, DCHWS West (Denver), the Seattle Programs Committee, and the New Jersey Scholarship Committee. CDM also has seven Fellows and one national Board Member, and Federal Unit President, Gwen Baker, is a participant in the SAME CEO Roundtable.

Here in Philadelphia, Jim Romig has been Treasurer since 2008, and Rad Delaney serves as a Senior Active Director. Two years ago, CDM personnel from Philadelphia and New Jersey took the lead in reanimating DCHWS which evolved into an event that has been successful for the Philadelphia Post, turning a profit for both years, bringing in new sustaining members, increasing individual member interest, and expanding to other cities as well. The first DCHWS West is scheduled for this October.

Gordon Araujo Young Member Award photo

Young Member Award: Mr. Gordon G. Araujo Jr, REGENESIS

Gordon Araujo has been a member of the Philadelphia Post since graduating college in 2006. In 2015, Gordon was appointed the post webmaster and elected to the Board of Directors. He chairs the Communication Committee and is also a member of the Young Member Committee, the Small Business Committee, and the Membership Committee. As Communication Chair, Gordon modernized post communication and event registration efforts, reorganized the committee, and implemented a new communication program utilizing social media, tracking, email engagement, migrating the post webpage to the SAME National website, and scheduling event messaging to post membership. Gordon’s efforts on all his committees have been critical to the success of post events. He was also on the steering committee for the DCHWS conference, managing their communication efforts and is now on the steering committee for the NJ/NY Post North Atlantic Industry Day, which will be held in October

USACE Philadelphia District Notable Achievement Award photo

Notable Achievement Award: USACE, Philadelphia District

After Hurricane Sandy, the USACE Philadelphia District team faced the task of clearing critical shoals from federal coastal navigation channels and tackled the added challenge of beneficially using dredged material to restore marsh and build coastal resilience. These efforts used a Regional Sediment Management approach and used Engineering with Nature techniques which required significant collaboration between partners from federal, state and local governments, private industry, and non-governmental organizations. The team came together quickly, seizing opportunities to make these projects happen using post-Sandy Operations and Maintenance emergency supplemental funds and, in some cases, leveraged grant money from partners.

Completed work includes clearing critical shoals from the New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway with placement to create successful nesting bird and other species habitat on Ring Island, NJ, completed in 2014; a thin-layer placement project to restore degraded marsh near Avalon, NJ, completed in 2016; and a critical marsh restoration project at Mordecai Island, NJ, completed in 2016. These projects now serve as models for future efforts to accomplish missions within the district and across the country.

The Philadelphia District has always been an integral part of the Philadelphia Post, helping to achieve the SAME vision of uniting the public and private sector.

Jerald Jones Service Award photo

Service Award: Mr. Jerald A. Jones, USACE Philadelphia District

Jerry Jones has been an active member of the post since 1994, and has been on the Board of Directors since 1997. Jerry has been the primary organizer of the Liberty Classic Golf Tournament since 1997. The Liberty Classic is the key fund-raising event that supports the Post Scholarship Fund. In 2007, when the National SAME JETC was hosted by the Philadelphia Post, Jerry coordinated with two different golf courses to accommodate the number of participants.

As a result of Jerry’s dedication and the support of many sustaining member companies and other involved organizations, the Liberty Classic has been able to generate over $200,000 in proceeds to benefit the Scholarship Fund over the past 20 years. Jerry has risen to the challenge of keeping the event relevant and interesting to continue its past successes. He has always been active in post events including board meetings, sporting events, young member events, and signature events. He represents the Philadelphia District Corps of Engineers’ support for SAME and encourages others in the District to participate as well.

Sustaining Member Firm of the Year

TTI Environmental, Inc. in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to SAME and/or the Military Engineering Profession

TTI Environmental, Inc. TTI Environmental, Inc. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business providing Environmental Contracting and Consulting Services. TTI is a Federal Prime and Subcontractor who works with the DoD and many other Federal Agencies. William Dolan, TTI’s CEO, is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force where he specialized in Russian affairs. TTI is very involved in SAME on the National and Post level. TTI has been a sustaining member of SAME and the Philadelphia Post since 2007. In 2010, Karen Buniak of TTI was elected to the Board of Directors where she still actively serves as the Post Small Business Liaison Officer and on several committees. Since joining SAME, representatives from TTI have attended almost every event. TTI also encourages Young Member involvement. TTI has sponsored numerous Post events including; Small Business Conference, Navy Night, Golf Outing, Monte Carlo Night and DCHWS. TTI willingly provides many hours of volunteerism to assist the Post in its programs and to help achieve the SAME mission.

Young Member Award

James S. Blake II (O'Brien & Gere) in Recognition of Superior Achievement by a Young Member

James Blake has been a young member of the Philadelphia Post, SAME since 2010. Mr. Blake co-chairs the Small Business Committee, which involves coordinating the Small Business Meet ’N Greet events, assisting with the annual Small Business Event, and actively recruiting Small Businesses to attend events. He has also been involved in numerous additional Post events, including the Liberty Golf Classic, Monte Carlo Night, and he is a contributor to the Post Newsletter and the Young Member Connection Newsletter. In 2014, Mr. Blake was chosen by the Board of Directors to represent the Post as our Young Member representative at JETC. In 2015, Mr. Blake returned to JETC, this time as volunteer for National SAME. Mr. Blake has been with O’Brien & Gere for 11 years.

Notable Achievement Award

COL Andrew G. Wilcox (USMC) in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Military Engineering Profession and its Practice

Col. Wilcox is currently the Commanding Officer of the Philadelphia Consortium, NROTC (University of Penn, and Villanova University). He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1985 and continued his service through countless assignments and leadership responsibilities (too numerous to mention here). Just prior to his current post as Professor of Naval Science/CO of the NROTC in Philadelphia, Colonel Wilcox was assigned to Marine Forces Pacific as the G5, Director of Plans, Policy and International Relations for all Marine forces in the Pacific (2012-2013) and before that Colonel Wilcox was assigned to Hawaii, US Pacific Command as the Chief of Plans/Operations, Standing Joint Forces Headquarters and participated in Operation ODYSSEY DAWN (liberation of Libya) and Operation TOMODATCHI (Japanese Tsunami relief effort) before moving to the J7 as the Division Chief of Training and Exercises. Col. Wilcox has proven his dedication to the military engineering profession through his position and by providing an excellent role model for his midshipmen. Each year, Col. Wilcox nominates and provides recommendations for his best midshipmen to win SAME Philadelphia Post scholarships. A large part of the SAME mission is to cultivate the next generation of leaders with regard to Science, Technology and Engineering and Math (STEM), Col. Wilcox is instrumental in helping SAME achieve that objective.

Service Award

James M. Romig (CDM Smith) in Recognition of Extraordinary Effort in Maintaining and Advancing the Objectives of the Post

James Romig has been a member of SAME for 18 years. Mr. Romig was elected to the Board of Directors in 2008 when he became the treasurer of the Philadelphia Post. As treasurer, Mr. Romig is involved with each and every Post activity requiring a monetary transaction. Mr. Romig currently chairs the Finance Committee, responsible for budgeting the Post’s expenses. Mr. Romig also co-chaired the planning committee for the successful first SAME-sponsored 2015 Design and Construction Issues at Hazardous Waste Sites. He is on the planning committee for the 2016 conference as well. Mr. Romig is a Board Certified Environmental Engineer and has been with CDM Smith for 25 years. 


Sustaining Member Firm of the Year: Weston

Young Member Award: Kierston Koory, Lewis Environmental

Notable Achievement Award: Rad Delaney, AECOM

Service Award: CAPT Charlie Shields, USN


Sustaining Member Firm of the Year: Dewberry

Young Member Award: Wendy Parker, AMEC

Notable Achievement Award: COL George Cressman, Bohler Engineering

Service Award: Karen Buniak, TTI Environmental