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The Seattle Post's STEM Committee's goal is to promote engagement of engineers and scientists for outreach and mentoring of K-12 students and promote STEM awareness. Some studies indicate that there will be a critical shortage of engineers and scientists in the future and we hope to lessen this gap by engaging students early in their studies.

Currently we have started a Career Fair program for a socially and economically disadvantaged school in Seattle. Part of our outreach, STEM awareness, and service there includes putting together "tool kits" for educators and needed donations. Please contact our STEM Committee Chair, Mary Ann Carlson (email: mcarlson@prodims.com), if you would like to donate any of the following items needed in these tool kits. 

Tool Kit Items Needed:
Compasses (104 needed): Staedtler 6 Comfort Compass ($18.79 each)
Rulers (208 needed): Ruler, Metric, Clear 30cm ($3.19 each)
Calipers (56 needed): Calipers, Vemier Double Scale Steel ($9.85 each)

We also created the poster below, promoting STEM awareness, to hang in the hallway at local schools.

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