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Post Leadership


Name Position Employer Email Address Contact Phone
Barry Totten President CNS Barry.Totten@cns.doe.gov
865-621-9647 cell
Linda Albrecht Vice President Alliant Corporation lalbrecht@alliantcorp.com 865-356-6674
Bill Sawrey Treasurer Jacobs Bill.Sawrey@jacobs.com 865-220-6057
Diane Moore Secretary Jacobs Diane.Moore@jacobs.com 865-220-4869
Susan Walter Director of Membership AECOM Susan.Walter@aecom.com 865-208-9714
Mike Lee Director of Education and Training USACE Mike.K.Lee@usace.army.mil 865-574-7611
615-489-9219 cell
Lorie Baker-Wallace Director of Relationships and Recognition Navarro dwallace0408@comcast.net 865-220-9650
505-507-6293 cell
Sheldon Johnson Director of Outreach and Communications Retired sjohnson09@comcast.net 865-603-3529
Joe Schroedel Executive Director SAME, National
Jill Murphy Manager, Membership & Post Operations SAME, National 
Robert Keyser SAME, Regional VP AH Environmental Consultants
Ray Alexander Founding member Jacobs
Perry Barker Founding member US Navy
Mary McDermott Former Chapter Secretary Jacobs