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Are you an SAME Post Leader? Here you will find information about Streamer criteria, CLAS access, change of office reports, financial and administrative information, best practices samples and templates, and the RVP Manual. Please click on the tab below to be directed to the information contained within that section. 

(NOTE: You will need your e-mail and SAME Member ID or password to access “Members Only” portions of the SAME website. Contact with questions.)

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Post Best Practices

Who has time to re-invent the wheel? This ever-growing collection of Post Program Best Practices, Models, and Samples are used by other SAME Posts and is designed to generate ideas and save you time. Feel free to adapt to your needs or adopt it as is!

» Best Practices Document Exchange

Wounded Warrior Initiative 

In 2011, the SAME Board of Direction established the Wounded Warrior Initiative to develop a strategy to support wounded veterans and families of fallen warriors. Chaired by Board member Julie Fisher of Farnsworth Group Inc., the initiative focused on three key efforts to help wounded warriors through rehabilitation and their transition to the civilian workforce.

Today, SAME is continuing its efforts to support wounded veterams. Through efforts at the national, regional and local levels, SAME members are actively working to provide support and service to our wounded warriors and their families.

To see what SAME Members are doing on the local level,  click here to visit your local Post website.


Veterans Support Programs [Videos]


STEM Camps

Communication & Outreach

Here are links to files and pages to assist in the communication with, and outreach to, potential, new and current members.

  • Committees & Councils
    The work done by the members of SAME national committees and councils is key to the success of SAME's overall mission: Connecting military, government and private-sector members of the A/E/C community to promote education and professional development, and to advance business practices, technologies and techniques used in the profession.

  • Post Website Guidelines
    The guidelines for Post Web sites were established to give Posts a general template for the presentation of their contact and meeting information on the Web. We encourage creativity and resourcefulness, but ask that each Post review, and be familiar with, these guidelines to make sure that the message of SAME is presented consistently online.

» Social Media and Email Best Practices

» Click here to access the Standards Manual for SAME Logo & Insignia Use 

Post Leaders

Recruitment, Retention and Engagement for Post Leaders.
Click here to learn more.

Young Member Initiative

Hear from Omar Oweis, E.I.T. Omar created a new type of committee now called the Young Member Initiative (YMI) for his local post, Houston Galveston. The Post struggled over the years to recruit Young Members and retain those members, so a strategy was created to generate growth and provide stability for the Post’s Young Member roster.

YMI’s vision is to develop the next leaders of SAME both regionally and nationally by focusing on inclusion, growth, development and recognition. The purpose of this initiative is to make a push for recruiting young professionals to take active roles within the organization and have a greater impact on their local communities and society as a whole.

Post Financial Guidelines

Use the information and links below to complete the financial and tax filing requirements for your Post. If you have any questions, contact Stacy Humes, Post Operations Specialist, at 703-549-3800 Ext. 122

Post Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report  

Please contact Stacy Humes at if you have any questions.

IRS Tax Filing Requirements

All Posts must file and send copy of the filing to SAME National Office: Post Operations. As non-profit organizations, all Posts must now annually file a Form 990 with the IRS - the specific Form 990 that your Post must file will depend upon your Post’s gross receipts.

Group Exemption Number

The group exemption number is 1278. This will be needed on IRS Form 990. The specific Form 990 that your Post must file will depend upon your Post’s gross receipts.

Those Posts with average gross receipts for the prior three years of $25,000 or less will file the Form 990-N (known as the e-Postcard) in 2008 and beyond (covering the prior tax year).Those with higher annual gross receipts than that will continue to file a Form 990 or Form 990-EZ as required for their circumstances by the IRS regulations.

SAME encourages Posts to consult with a professional tax advisor as they address their IRS filing requirements.

IRS Forms and Online Resources

Post Operations & Administration

Use the information and links below to access the required documents and general information for establishing your Post. Please contact the Members & Post Support Department if you have any questions.

    • Change of Post Officers Report [Web Form]
      This form is for Posts to use every time a Post officer changeover occurs. Whether a single Post officer has left on deployment, or your entire Board has changed over, use this form to make sure that SAME HQ can contact the appropriate person for updates and information related to their responsibilities for the Post.
    • Post National Committee Point of Contact (POC) Form [Web Form]
      Use this form to make sure that the appropriate Point of Contact (POC) is in SAME HQ's files for, Engineering and Contruction Camps, etc. POCs can be Post Officers responsible for certain areas of responsibility, or volunteers who have decided to aid their Post to achieving goals.
    • CLAS Instruction Sheet [PDF]
      Post Leaders may download this sheet for instruction on how to access the Chapter Leader Access System (CLAS). CLAS can be accessed by the Post President, Secretary, Treasurer, Individual POC, Sustaining POC and Vice President (who will become the President the next year). CLAS can be found at
    • Start a Field Chapter
      This template is for those Posts that would like to create a field chapter. Field Chapters are subordinate to the main Post, but have an identity outside it. They are ideal for those places in the world where membership numbers may not be enough to establish a full Post with a functioning Board, or the situation precludes the establishment of a Board (for example, deployed forces in the Middle East), but there is interest and a desire to belong to SAME. Field Chapters help to give everyone a chance to belong to SAME, regardless of where they are!

Streamer Awards

Click below to download

»Streamer Submission Form


Each year, the Posts of the Society of American Military Engineers compete for Streamer Awards in recognition of outstanding performance and achievement. The Post Streamer Awards are presented at the Post Awards Breakfast (PAB) at the Joint Engineer Training Conference and Expo held the following calendar year for which the Post met the criteria for the award.

Streamer Award Submission Procedures

The submissions deadline for the 2016 Streamer Awards is Friday, January 31, 2017. Streamer Submission forms are available below. Please use the forms linked below.

  1. Submissions received without an accompanying Streamer Submission Form will not be reviewed. NOTE: Please remember that extremely large files run the risk of being rejected by any e- mail server. Documents that exist only in hard copy should be scanned into a computer and converted to PDF format. If you have reason to doubt that your submission was received, please contact Stacy Humes, Post Operations Specialist at
  2. All submissions will be logged at SAME HQ and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to verify receipt. A spreadsheet will be sent to all Post Leaders after the submittal deadline to confirm what submissions have been received at SAME Headquarters. It is ultimately the responsibility of the Post Leaders to make sure that their Posts' submissions were received.
  3. If a Post submitted a form, and it was not received due to a technical error, the original submission e-mail should be forwarded to Stacy Humes, Post Operations Specialist at If it is determined that the Streamer submission was not received or logged at SAME HQ through no fault of the Post, the submission will be logged and regarded as on-time.

Submission Content

Advice from the Streamer Review Committee Chairs: When submitting for a Streamer, 'more is better'. Supporting documentation for the elements is always beneficial. When in doubt, send inquiries via Stacy Humes, Post Operations Specialist at

Streamer Committee Procedures

Streamer Committees are created to review each Post's individual streamer submissions and determine if they have met all the requirements to win the specific streamer. When possible, committees are to be made up of five (5) to seven (7) people, including a committee chair. Any SAME member can volunteer to be on a committee. Committee Chairs are chosen based on leadership and involvement in the Society. If interested in serving on the Education & Training Streamer, Leadership & Mentoring Streamer, Resilience Streamer and Relationships Recognition Streamer committee, send an e-mail to Stacy Humes, at

Deadline for Submissions

The Calendar Year 2016 (CY2016) Streamer Submissions are due by the close of business (5 p.m. Eastern Time) on Friday, January 20, 2017. A spreadsheet showing Posts and the dates of their submissions of Streamers will be linked above. Please review the spreadsheet after submission and if your submission is not indicated, contact Stacy Humes, Post Operations Specialist at

Extensions may be granted only in extreme circumstances. To request an extension for the Education & Training Streamer, Resilience Streamer, Leadership & Mentoring Streamer and Relationships Recognition Streamer should be submitted to Stacy Humes,  at

Extensions must be requested at least one week before the submission due date.

Reconsideration Period Information

Deadline to request reconsideration is March 4, 2017

Posts may ask for reconsideration of the Streamer results once the results are posted until the deadline on March 3, 2017. To request reclama or reconsideration, Posts must email Stacy Humes, at and submit additional information to help support their request for reconsideration for the Education & Training Streamer, Resilience Streamer, Leadership & Mentoring Streamer and Relationships Recognition Streamer. Once the reconsideration timeframe has closed, final results will be posted to the Streamers tracking spreadsheet and the SAME National Awards Committee will meet to select Top Region and Top Posts for Small, Medium and Large Posts. Final results will be posted once the Top Posts and Top Region have been notified.


Distinguished Post Criteria

No Submission is required for the Distinguished Post Award. However the following criterion must be satisfied:

  • Small Post (0-175 members): Won Membership Retention Streamer + 2 (of the 4) Streamers Awards that require submissions.
  • Medium Post (176-450 members): Won Membership Retention Streamer + 3 (of the 4) Streamers Awards that require submissions.
  • Large Post (451+ members): Won Membership Retention Streamer + 4 (of the 4) Streamer Awards that require submissions.

Distinguished Region Criteria

Annually, each Region within the Society is evaluated to determine if it has achieved the status of Distinguished Region. The honor is bestowed upon a region that meets all of the following criteria:

  • At least 50% of the Posts within the Region were selected as Distinguished Posts.
  • The Region showed a net growth in Membership: Individuals plus Sustaining Reps are counted. STU (Student Member types) are NOT included in this count.
  • The Region nominated at least two individuals for a Society Medal or Award for the year.

A Region which meets all three of the above criteria will be honored as a Distinguished Region for the year. Remember, by working to be a Distinguished Post, you benefit not just your local membership but the membership of the entire Region!

Student Chapter Status Report

Posts with a Student Chapter are required to submit a Student Chapter Status Report by October 1. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Stacy Humes, SAME Post Operations Specialist, at

Regional Vice President information

Regional Vice Presidents:


Membership Statistics

Click below to download

Important Information

  • As approved by the Board of Direction, the 2016 Membership Streamer will be awarded to Posts that have No Loss in Total Membership base on the January 1 baseline report.  The 2017 Membership Streamer will be awarded to Posts that have No Loss in Total Membership as well. 
  • Downloading the first two membership rosters in CLAS will give you a real-time count of your membership.
  • Note Post Sizes for CY 2017:
    • Small Posts- 0-175
    • Medium Posts- 176-450
    • Large Posts- 451 +

Note: Members who are both an Individual and Sustaining Member Representative will be counted for both memberships.

CLAS Instruction Sheet [PDF]

CLAS (Chapter Leader Access System) [Download Post Rosters]