A/E/C Industry Credentials

Maintaining professional credentials demonstrate a level of technical competency in a specific field. For uniformed service members, attaining credentials while serving in uniform improves your technical skills and increases your potential for promotion. Following your service, the same credentials can help you get a position with higher initial pay.


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The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps credentialing opportunity online (COOL) portals highlight nationally recognized engineering and related credentials to help military engineers shape their career development while in uniform and upon transition to the private sector.

Transition from Military to Construction

Build Your Future is a recruiting and image enhancement initiative under the National Center for Education and Research, which is the accrediting body for the construction and maintenance industries and develops curriculum, assessments and provides credentials and certifications that are industry recognized. If you are a soldier, you can easily crosswalk for the industrial trades versus the Army Engineer MOS using the credentialing portal through Build Your Future.

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A/E/C Industry Credentialing Opportunities