2014 Annual Donors

With gratitude, SAME recognizes the following for donations during 2014:

  • Naples Post
    Society at Large

  • Design Build Institute of America

  • Kun-Young Chiu
    Southwind Construction Services, LLC.
    William Haight
    Stantec, Inc.
    Michael Johnson
    Linda McKnight
    Henry Morehead
    James Nott
    Timothy O'Rourke
    Sven Rodenbeck

  • Robert Adamski
    Carnegie Askins
    Walter Bachus
    Herbert Bell
    Bonny Block
    Melroy Brandt
    F. Broacha
    William Brown
    Luthella Clinton
    Apogee Consulting Group, P.A.
    Diversified Construction
    Floyd Currie
    James Donahue
    Keithline Engineering Group, Pllc
    O'Brien Engineering Inc.
    Allan Erickson
    Leonardo Flor
    George Fortune
    Edmund Giering
    Clair Gill
    James Hays
    Stuart Houck
    David Howe
    Eugene Hubbard
    Advanced Integration Group, Inc.
    Charles Kubic
    James Lammie
    Louis Lancaster
    Lorance Lisle
    Adriano Lott
    Kim Lowe
    Lester Lowe
    Carol Marlowe
    William Miller
    Warren Mitchell
    Edward Munns
    Glen Nelson
    Dennis Newell
    Max Noah
    Terry Rice
    Consulting Services Incorporated of Kentucky
    Stephen Shepard
    Nicholas Shestople
    William Sims
    George Skinner
    Walter Smith
    William A. Smith
    David Spaulding
    Pat Stevens
    Theodore Stroup
    Robert Thomson
    Frank Tierney
    David Tirrell
    Elbert Tschoepe
    Gary Tucker
    N.C. Vasuki
    Basement Waterproofing Specialists
    Edward Watling
    Maureen Weller
    Gerard Williams
    Donald Wuerz
    David Yamamoto

  • Ryan Alarcon
    Sidney Allison
    Doug Ament
    Corey Avens
    Steven Bacs
    Keith J. Baker
    Newton Baker
    Mahallani Bandong
    Dwight Beranek
    David Bick
    Ronald Bondenaro
    Tiffany Boston
    Carl Boyette
    Stanley Broselow
    Dave Buemi
    L.H. Burks
    Roger Bush
    Walker Byron
    Edward Cayous
    Spencer Colburn
    Jared Corsi
    Amelia DaCruz
    James DeOtte Engineering, Inc.
    Drew Dewalt
    Charles Dierker
    Edmund Doku
    Stymie Doolan
    Jacob Dunbar
    Harry Dutchyshyn
    Anthony Eberhardt
    James Ellis
    John Falcon
    Andrew Feild
    Jaffet Ferrer-Torres
    Anthony Fitzpatrick
    John Ford
    Matthew Forrest
    William Frederick
    Alison Freiman
    Bobby Gaddis
    Willie Gadsden Jr.
    Joseph Garceau
    Rusty Gilbert
    Samuel Gilmore
    Micahel Gindi
    Scott Gold
    Gabriel Goshdigian
    Patricia Harrington
    Bulent Hatipoglu
    Jose Herdon
    Walalce Hirouji
    Carol Jones
    Edward Kadlecek
    Adrian Kays
    Jack Kinney
    John Lai
    Donovan Lajoie
    Michael Langer
    Charles Larsen
    Raymond Lee
    Carl Linden
    Gus Lymberis
    Everett Maguire
    Loren Martin
    Patrick McCune
    Dwight Miller
    Christopher Mills
    Erik Minnis
    Samuel Missimer
    Diana Mobley
    Lawrence Moloney
    Chike Monwuba
    Harold Morgan
    Jeremy Nissly
    Carlos Nixon
    Anthony Palermo
    Jesse Pangelinan
    TLC Partnering
    Claudia Penny
    Matthew Perrett
    Darrell Piatt
    John Pickrell
    Michelle Pinkowski
    Gary Pirtle
    Mark Potter
    Jin Quin
    Al Rajput
    Terry Read
    Storm Reynolds
    Stephen Ricci
    Emmett Richards
    Sandy Rice
    Christopher Riemer
    Edward Rogan
    Frank Rodgers
    Paul Rosengren
    Melvin Ross
    Anthony Ruby
    S. James Ryckman
    William Saia
    Jerry Sams
    Karl Schmid
    Branch Smith
    Thomas Smith
    Charles Sneeden
    William Stockhausen
    Peter Sweeney
    Jorge Villacres
    George Walrond
    Stephanie Wilson
    Leonard Winchester
    Timothy Wood
    Floyd Wright
    Michael Wright
    Gail Wyant
    Frederick Young
    Joseph Zdaniewicz
    Sandra Zebrowski


2013 Annual Donors

With gratitude, SAME recognizes the following for donations during 2013:

Platinum Level - $1,000 or more

  • SAME Polaris Post
  • Wade Cockburn
  • Robert Wolff
  • Walla Walla Post

Gold Level - $500 - $999

  • James Lammie
  • Jennifer Fogg

Silver Level - $250 - $499

  • William Brown
  • Timothy O'Rourke

Bronze Level - $50 - $249

  • Apogee Consulting Group, P.A.
  • Eric Wilson
  • N.C. Vasuki
  • Alfred Hicks
  • George Robertson
  • Joseph Finelli
  • David Yamamoto
  • Peter Dunn
  • Erin Urvina
  • Douglas Gransberg
  • Robert Adamski

Contributors - Under $50

  • Trudy Carr
  • Travis Carter
  • Newton Baker
  • James Bullock
  • William Kind
  • Robert Ottesen
  • Arturo Arboleda
  • Patrick Pettiette
  • Leonard Billian
  • Leah Read
  • Eric Russell
  • Jenifer Lewis
  • Elizabeth Bowers
  • Eric Russell
  • Edward Cayous
  • Alvaro Villalta
  • Jeremy Powell
  • Brian Trainor
  • Davie Herberger
  • Jame Trautt
  • Thomas May
  • Ronald Lovell
  • Robert Adamski
  • Victor Driskell
  • Phillip Cyr
  • Glenn Forrest
  • Kwame Boateng
  • Kevin Kaufman
  • Robert Sylar
  • Noelle Bomberger
  • Nicholas Shestople
  • Andrew Bunton
  • Warren Mitchell
  • Eugene Hubbard
  • Eric Warner
  • Peter Dunn
  • Melroy Brandt
  • Al Phelps
  • Paul Sather
  • Krescenty Nowacki
  • Jesus De La Pena
  • Reginald Allen
  • Paul Spillman
  • Charles Livers
  • Matthew Modic
  • Vincent Hock
  • Greg Brown
  • James Lyon
  • Kujtim Proseku
  • Jim Amy
  • Joe Hollander
  • Jim Ott
  • Andy Rider
  • Paulo Heyman
  • Meynardo Custodio
  • Phillip Brown
  • Guy York
  • Trent Tholen
  • Gary Niro
  • Douglas Taylor
  • Larry Greep

Make a Donation to SAME

SAME has a number of programs that help support future engineers, young members, NCOs and wounded warriors. These programs range from oversight of educational camps for high school students, to stipends to attend meetings for young members and NCOs, to contributions in support of our wounded warriors. These programs are divided into two funding categories: Education & Mentoring and Quality of Life.

Education & Mentoring (E&M) FUND.   Hosted by SAME HQ, the E&M Fund provides support to SAME College Students, Young Members, Noncommissioned Officers and Small Business Members through grants for continuing education and professional development as well as to support the SAME Engineering and Construction Camps. The programs are reviewed and approved each year by the SAME Executive Committee. Donations may be made at the Sponsor or Annual Donor level.

Quality of Life Plus (QL+).  SAME continues to collect funds for QL+ projects in support of military and first responder amputees by developing prosthetic devices at its laboratory at California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) at San Luis Obispo, Calif.  The projects are accomplished by teams of engineering students. Details on QL+ projects may be found at www.same.org/woundedwarrior.

To make a donation to one—or both—of these programs, please click here to access our secure online donation form, or click here to download the Contribution Form. You may complete the form and send it with your contribution to:

  • Mail to: SAME, 607 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 or
  • FAX (for donations paid credit card only): 703-684-0231

SAME and QL+ are both 501(c)(3) educational and scientific organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax deductible as permitted by law (please consult your individual tax advisors if you have any questions).

Your support for these programs is very much appreciated.

2012 Annual Donors

With gratitude, SAME recognizes the following for donations during 2012:

Platinum Level – $1,000 or more

  • John Morris
  • Jennifer P. Fogg

Gold Level – $500 - $999

  • Donna Weinkauf
  • Cynthia Snyder
  • Michael Oakley
  • James Donovan
  • Timothy O'Rourke
  • William Hilderbrand

Silver Level – $250 - $499

  • W. Cutler
  • Vernon Hastings
  • Joseph Ahearn
  • Pat Stevens
  • Murphy Tuomey Wilson
  • George Robertson
  • Sven Rodenbeck
  • Charles Higgins
  • Charles Kubic
  • Samuel Florman

Bronze Level – $50 - $249

  • Stephen Cook
  • Christopherson Leonard
  • William Acheson
  • Jean BenabeVidal
  • Jessica Sharpe
  • Matt Yau
  • Andres Viamonte
  • Craig Walters
  • Christine Wade
  • Will Hopkins
  • William Bocchino
  • Christopher Davis
  • Andrew Duggan
  • Carlos Cepero
  • Michael Wright
  • Tyler Fauerbach
  • Alex Tiller
  • Robert Furstenberg
  • Leslie Suhr
  • Art Kolodziejski
  • Charles Taylor
  • World Environmental
  • Jorge Villacres
  • George Cajigal
  • Michelle Linn
  • Tomas V. Duque
  • Leonard Kukoski
  • Michael Clarke
  • William Brown
  • Thomas Gibbons
  • David Demartino
  • Edwin Geesey
  • Quincy Purvis
  • Gilles Gaumond
  • Conrad Derdeyn
  • Eric Warner
  • Eugene Lupia
  • Robert Atkins
  • Robert Von Eschen
  • Benjamin Brown
  • Arthur Bendelius
  • John Evans
  • William O'Donnell
  • Marvin Rees
  • Maurice Roush
  • James Metalios
  • Eric Wilson
  • Warren Mitchell
  • Carl Sciple
  • James Hodges
  • Leonard Winchester
  • Richard Harris
  • William Stockdale
  • Dennis Fontana
  • Gordon Buchanan
  • William Spangler
  • James Gilland
  • David Williams
  • David Tirrell
  • Carnegie Askins
  • Harry Lombard
  • Joe Ruffer
  • Edward Munns
  • Eugene Hubbard
  • Charles Larsen
  • Charlotte Cramer
  • Brenton Myers
  • Cranston Rogers
  • Luis Carrillo-Rivera
  • Robert Slockbower
  • Kenneth Miller
  • David Yamamoto
  • Roald Haestad
  • Gardner Hicks
  • Henry Morehead
  • Clarence E. Hall
  • James Mims
  • Ronald Hudson
  • Lloyd Brown
  • Diann Lynn
  • Herbert Bell
  • James Fletcher
  • Walter Bachus
  • Stanley Kelley
  • Walter Smith
  • Frank Grass
  • Norman Augustine
  • William Miller
  • Percy Pitts
  • Alfred Hicks
  • Brian Meikle
  • Scott Cornell
  • Donald Pawlowski
  • Bennett Lewis
  • Donald Swygert
  • James Nott
  • Howard Weber
  • Robert Sperberg
  • Don Crumbley
  • Raymond Willcocks
  • Christos Zirps
  • Ardo Holmgrain
  • Barbara Burg
  • Michael Johnson
  • John Bason
  • Edgar McGee
  • Charles Drolshagen
  • Joseph Cymerman
  • Steve Chow
  • Dewey Rissler
  • Bradley Thompson
  • Carl Cannizzaro

Contributors – under $50

  • Mark Klein
  • Daryl Williams-Dotson
  • Joseph Miller
  • Chandler Brawner
  • Frank DarConte
  • Lorraine Larsen-Hallock
  • Dustin Koslowsky
  • Loretta Sipes
  • Chris Wheeler
  • Peter Sweeney
  • Jody Page
  • Shawn Howley
  • Spectrum Safety
  • Curtis Barclay
  • Byron Waddey
  • Angel Herrera
  • Joseph Harder
  • Benjamin Paredes
  • Esther Shaw
  • Michelle Pinkowski
  • Carl Newsome
  • Joseph Garceau
  • James Baldwin
  • John Keefe
  • Ernest Aitchison
  • James Bullock
  • Andrew Hough
  • John Alfano
  • Dennis Kamber
  • Mark Farmer
  • Michael Abernathy
  • William Stockhausen
  • Linda Tegarden
  • Jack Fisher
  • Charles Larsen
  • Emmanuel Bautista
  • Hilda Garza Scott
  • David Sroka
  • Rusty Gilbert
  • Maynard Ashley
  • Arturo Arboleda
  • Kujtim Proseku
  • David Carlon
  • Mitchell Langlois
  • Steven Freitas
  • John Eubanks
  • Jason Aftanas
  • Francis Doherty
  • David C. Cadwallader
  • Sean O'Donnell
  • Lauren Atwell
  • Michelle Linn
  • Russell Sherman
  • Randall Crews
  • Tom Slezak
  • Eli Nemer
  • Mahmoud Haghani
  • Keith Ensley
  • Edmund Doku
  • Michael Hast
  • Brian Kelsay 
  • Virginia Herrington
  • Pamela Puckett
  • James D'Agostino
  • Paul Gilbert
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