Robert B. Flowers Small Business Award

Robert_B_Flowers_Small_Business_AwardFor calendar years 2001 and 2002, SAME presented a plaque to a Small Business under the auspices of the J.W. Morris Award. In 2003, the Board of Direction separated this award from the J.W. Morris Award and established new criteria.

The Robert B. Flowers Small Business Award was first presented in 2004 for calendar year 2003 and was named after former SAME President Lt. Gen. Robert B. Flowers (Ret.), USA in April 2004.

Eligibility: A company that has at least one Post Sustaining Membership in the past three years and is a Small Business in at least one NAICS category as of the date of nomination.

Nomination Criteria:

  1. Extent to which the company appoints individuals to sustaining member representative positions for each Post affiliation;
  2. Extent to which company representatives take on leadership positions at the Post level, including Board of Direction and committees and National Councils;
  3. Extent to which company supported Young Member participation in Society activities and mentoring programs;
  4. Extent to which the company supports K-12, College Outreach and community service activities;
  5. Extent to which the company participates in Small Business programs sponsored by The Society or public agencies;
  6. Extent to which the company advertises in TME-The Military Engineer magazine, and the Directory of Member Companies & Organizations (online or print versions);
  7. Extent to which the company exhibits and sponsors at SAME region and national conferences.

Nomination and Submittal Process:
A company must nominate itself for the award. Written referrals from Posts are welcome as part of the nomination package.

Nominations are now closed.

Instructions to Nominees:
The nominations are now closed.

For each of the 7 Nomination Criteria listed (see above), please include:

  • Specifics about how the nominee meets each of the stated criteria;
  • 250 word citation on why the nominee should win the award;
  • Letter from the President, CEO, or Owner of the nominated Company indicating under which NAICS categories the company is considered a Small Business under the Federal guidelines published by the U.S. Small Business Administration;
  • Supporting endorsement letters by either a Post President or RVP are encouraged to support the nomination; and
  • Company logo in .jpg or .tif format

Please do not include brochures, photographs, or marketing material as part of the package.

It is the nominator's responsibility to ensure that the nomination materials are successfully completed and uploaded to the SAME website prior to the deadline.

Robert B. Flowers Small Business Award Recipients

  • 2014 Moser Rose Attorneys
  • 2013 JM Waller
  • 2012 ARGO Systems LLC
  • 2011 H&S Environmental
  • 2010 RORE Inc.
  • 2009 S&A Environmental
  • 2008 Custom Mechanical Systems Corp.
  • 2007 LJB Inc.
  • 2006 CAPE Inc.
  • 2005 ETI Professionals Inc.
  • 2004 EA Engineering, Science and Technology Inc.
  • 2003 Environmental Chemical Corporation (small business)
  • 2002 ABMB Engineers Inc. (small business)
  • 2001 Engineering Consulting Services Ltd.

Honorable Mention

  • 2013 MacDonald-Bedford
  • 2012 STOA Architects
  • 2009 Kowalenko Consulting Group



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