Award Nomination Instructions

SAME Online Nomination Process for National Awards:

Thank you for nominating an SAME Member for consideration for a national award! Before getting started, please review the instructions below to make sure that your nomination meets all the criteria for consideration.

Nominations for Awards to be presented at the May 2016 JETC in Phoenix, Ariz., will open January 2016.

Other Award Nominations will be open between December 17th, 2015 and February 1st, 2016.
(Except for Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award which is currently open)

Five Easy Steps for Nominations:
  1. Review the award criteria to make sure the nominee qualifies. Remember: though they may not qualify for one, they may qualify for another!
  2. Prepare the narrative for the nomination. Click here to download a sample narrative. [PDF]
    1. Select the appropriate template below.
    2. Compose your narrative and save.
  3. Prepare a citation of 250 words or fewer. This citation may be used in the Honors Program if the nominee is selected to receive the award. Click here to download a sample citation. [PDF]
  4. Complete the appropriate nomination form from the list below.
  5. Upload narrative, citation and any other required supplemental info and submit form electronically, by clicking on the name of the award below.
Online Nomination Forms:
The following Award nominations MUST be submitted using our online nomination process. Online forms will open on December 17th, 2015.
  • Bliss Medal
  • Goethals Medal
  • NCO Award
  • Post Service Medal
  • Public Agency Award
  • Student Leadership Medal
  • Sverdrup Medal
  • Technology Advancement Medal
  • Tudor Medal
  • Urbahn Medal
  • Young Member Medal
  • Sustainability Award
  • Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal
  • Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award

NOTE: Sustaining Member Company awards have separate awards processes. Please click on the award name to be redirected to the appropriate award nomination and submittal information. Robert B. Flowers Small Business Award; Seymour S. Greenfield Sustaining Member Award (Medium Company); and J.W. Morris Sustaining Member Award (Large Company)

Narrative Templates for online submittals
You may use the forms below as a starting point for your narrative submission to ensure your nomination addresses all of the criteria. All documents below open in a new window, and are in MS Word format. After completion, you may convert to PDF before submission.


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