Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM2Attracting Future Engineers

The demand for engineers is rising. Yet we are faced with discouraging statistics on the number of students considering engineering careers, and disappointing math and science scores that place U.S. students’ performance below many industrialized nations. America is simply not going to have the engineers it needs to stay competitive and remain a world a leader in innovation without more investment. Our professions must be able to reach out to our young students to excite, attract and interest them in careers in engineering and related fields.

STEMSupporting Students Today

We can do this by lending support to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs that inspire future generations of engineers. Within SAME, our Posts have had many successful K-12 programs and Engineer Week activities. Our focus on STEM will pull it all together and expand our successes in more and different ways including school visits, STEM-related programs, science fairs, inspirational mentoring, and more.

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Looking for some visual prompts to show the excitement and opportunities for Engineers and other STEM areas of study? Check out the videos listed below.

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