Kittyhawk Post

Student members of Sigma Iota Epsilon from the Air Force Institute of Technology, Ohio, partnered with the SAME Kittyhawk Post and Rebuilding Together to build their second wheelchair ramp for the local community.  The recipient of the ramp was Bill Elliott of Troy, Ohio, a wounded warrior who served with the U.S. Army.  The installation of the ramp at the Elliott house has allowed him to receive a motorized cart from the hospital.  The students used a unique design to allow for further modifications to the Elliott residence.  Future additions include a chair lift for second floor access and a bathroom on the first floor.  Having learned from their first project, the team made improvements in its work process, such as changing the ramp design to allow small crews to work on multiple phases of the ramp at the same time, thereby expediting its completion. The student team continues to modify the process in order to better use limited time and resources.


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