green_medalThe Green Medal is named in honor of Rear Adm. Richard Stedman Green, U.S. Public Health Service. The medal is presented for Outstanding contribution to public health engineering and science by a U.S. Public Health Service officer. This medal was first awarded in 2000.

Criteria: Most outstanding contribution in public health engineering and science.


  • U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) officer O3 or below;
  • Active, inactive, or retired USPHS officer, or;
  • USPHS civilian employee, active or retired, of equivalent grade.    

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Past Green Medal Recipients

  • 2014 Lt. Praveen K.C., P.E., USPHS
  • 2013 Lt. Maxwell Goggin-Kehm, E.I.T, USPHS
  • 2012 Lt. Brandon Beckman, P.E., USPHS
  • 2011 Lt. Travis J. Sorum, E.I.T., USPHS
  • 2010 Lt. j.g. Marcus Felter, EIT, USPHS
  • 2009 Lt. j.g. Bradley Sherer, USPHS
  • 2008 Lt. Kurt J. Kestleloot, P.E., USPHS
  • 2007 Lt. Benjamin R. Chadwick, USPHS
  • 2006 Lt. Jennifer L. Caporoso, USPHS
  • 2005 Lt. Steven K. Sauer, USPHS
  • 2004 Lt. Jennifer A. Proctor, P.E., USPHS
  • 2003 Lt. j.g. Allen F. Bollinger, F.E., USPHS
  • 2002 Lt. j.g. Eric R. Lindman, Engineer-in-Training, USPHS
  • 2001 Lt. Mathew J. Martinson, USPHS
  • 2000 Lt. David W. Ausdemore, P.E., USPHS
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