Non-Profit Organization Membership

Any nonprofit organization may join SAME at a rate of $400 a year. 

Included with your Non Profit Organization membership are five openings for individuals as your member representatives. (SAME requires that one of those representatives must be in its Young Member category, age 35 or younger).

Each of the five representatives will receive all the benefits afforded them as an SAME member including a subscription to The Military Engineer magazine,, discounts on attendance to SAME events including the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo, and access to the members-only section of the SAME website. In addition, your principal representative and Young Member representative will receive a copy of the annual SAME Directory of Member Companies and Public Agencies.

Whether on the local Post level, or on the national level at the Joint Engineer Training Conference & Expo, your five agency members will represent your organization's perspective, ensuring that your voice is heard.

The Non Profit Organization membership fee of $400 may be waived if you wish to work with SAME as a Strategic Partner. Strategic Partnerships are arranged through the office of the SAME executive director. The details will be finalized and posted on the SAME website in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between SAME and the member organization.

Click here to download the PDF application.

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