Jacksonville Post announces commissioning of new Hilton Award

Remarks by Col. Pantano:
"Our Society is blessed with many talented volunteers that are able to effectively coordinate activities such as this Regional Conference. Today, we are taking this appropriate opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of an individual whose diligence goes far beyond anything that our Post and our Society can reasonably expect. In fact, our Post has been blessed with the talents of this individual to such a degree that we felt obligated to create an Award in his honor just to appropriately recognize the level of effort, day in and day out, that this individual contributes to our Post, our Region and our Society as a whole.

Ron Hilton is a stalwart of SAME and certainly is the leader of the Jacksonville Post. His contributions have been recognized by generations of Officers and Directors of the Jacksonville Post and we are pleased to announce the commissioning of the “Hilton Award” in his honor and take this opportunity to award this trophy to the person for which it is named, Mr. Ron Hilton PE.

As everyone in our Post can attest, Ron is an engineer’s engineer and during his career with USACE, he served as the Chief of the H&H Branch within the Jacksonville District. As such, we felt it only fitting that an award in Ron’s honor would have the coveted "Integral Symbol" as its image. Ron effectively integrates all the activities in our Post and helps tremendously with our Region and our Society. Ron, it gives me great pleasure to present this award to you on behalf of the Jacksonville Post.”

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