Boston Post Awards 18 Scholarships at Annual Spring Meeting

The Boston Post held its 51st annual Spring Meeting on May 10 at the Marriott Hotel in Newton, Mass. Attended by more than 300 Post Sustaining Members, sponsors and guests, the event was a rousing success.  This year’s guest speaker, John Warner, Ph.D., of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (formerly of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell), discussed the growing use of green chemistry, how it can change our daily lives for the better and why it offers a growing and exciting field for today’s students.


The highlight of the evening, as always, was the awarding of scholarships to deserving engineering students from 11 local colleges and universities. Scholarship funds were raised through revenues received from scholarship endowments, the Post’s two annual golf tournaments, Small Business Committee activities and the Spring Meeting itself. This year, the Boston Post awarded scholarships totaling $57,000 to 18 wonderful young Americans to pursue careers in engineering and science. Since the Boston Post started awarding scholarships, it has given out well over $1 million to help further the education of hundreds of students, many of whom have since gone on to work for SAME member firms.

Chuck Raymond, Boston Post
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