RVP and Rhein Main Post members receive awards

On October 2011, a recognition ceremony took place in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Europe District Headquarters in Wiesbaden, Germany to honor distinguished members of the Rhein Main Post. Col. Scott Jarvis, SAME Europe Regional Vice President (RVP) awarded three RVP medals and seven RVP coins to deserving members for years of outstanding, dedicated service to SAME.

The event was long overdue for one of the most consistently productive Posts in the European Region. “SAME is alive and well in Europe thanks in great part to the efforts and accomplishments of the Rhein Main Post members that we recognized today,” stated Col. Jarvis.

Rhein Main Post was recently named the Top Small Post for 2011 and will receive the award at the upcoming Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC) in May.

Congratulations to the following RVP medal recipients:

  • Bernd Diehl Diehl has been a Rhein Main Post Individual and Board Member since 1982. He has held the Sustaining Member Chair position since 1999.
  • Ulrike Page Page has been a Rhein Main Post Individual and Board Member since 1989. She has served as the Post Treasurer since 2004.
  • Gareth Tynan Tynan has been a Rhein Main Post Individual and Board Member since 1984. He has been on the Post Board for over 12 years, serving as the First Vice President and Publicity Chair.

Congratulations to the following RVP coin recipients:

  • Manfred Balthasar
  • Aaron Justice
  • Frank Pendzich
  • Jessika Schoplick
  • Konstantin Summ
  • Francisco Torres, P.E.
  • John Wutzer, P.E.


According to Sandra Jones Zettersten, AIA, RA, Dipl.-Ing. Architektin, F.SAME, "It was great to have Col. Jarvis here to recognize so many of our dedicated members who have worked selflessly over the years to make our post what it is today. I am extremely proud to have such great people in this organization.”

Capt. Matthew Altman, P.E.

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