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Greater Kansas City Post Hosts the Missouri River Texoma Regional Conference

The Greater Kansas City Post hosted the Missouri River Texoma Regional Conference from August 23 to 25. The emphasis of the conference was the future of energy, water and waste sustainability within the Department of Defense (DOD), describing the current policies and implementation of those policies at military installations. Another focus was on the various technologies being created to achieve the mandated performance metrics. During the marquis luncheon, the Honorable Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army, provided her unique perspective of initiatives and solutions related to sustainability. Hammack’s presentation focused on current energy usage of the nation, federal government, DOD and U.S. Army, the five current mandates and 14 performance targets. She also discussed the net zero hierarchy for energy, water and waste, the identification of the 21 installations selected to achieve one or all of the three net zero goals and the Energy Initiatives Task Force influence on making the Army the country’s leader in renewable energy.  Ultimately, these initiatives will provide long-term price stability and enhance the energy security of installations.

The Missouri River Texoma Regional Conference Committee would like to extend their deep appreciation to Hammack for addressing the attendees with her exceptional insights and overall vision for the future.  The presentation is available for viewing on the Greater Kansas City Post website at under the Regional Conference icon.

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