The SAME Half-Century Club

SAME-insigniaSAME celebrates the long, productive careers of SAME members who have been an active member in SAME for 50 years or more. Our heart-felt congratulations and thanks go out to these distinguished members who have been, and continue to be, such an important part of our Society.

Many of the members of the Half Century Club opted to purchase Life Memberships, which provide all the benefits of a regular membership, without the hassle of renewing each year. In addition, an SAME Life Membership is more cost effective over the life of one’s membership in SAME. To become a life member of SAME, please click here.

Please join SAME in congratulating the nearly 400 members of the SAME Half Century Club who have been an active member in SAME for 50 years or more (click here for a list of Half Century Club members).


So why do so many SAME Members remain a member for so long? We’ll let the members of the SAME Half Century Club respond to that with their comments on what SAME Membership has meant to them.

"With memberships in several engineering professional societies, my membership of over 50 years in The Society of American Military Engineers has resulted in the most, the closest, the longest, professional associations and friendships in any of these societies. This is the only Society for which I continue to attend meetings regularly 20 years after retirement from both military and civil service careers. What a delight!!!"

Maj. Donald P. Samanie, P.E. , USA (Ret.)

"A great part of my military and civilian professional careers were spent on assignments and projects overseers. SAME was always present, directly or indirectly, providing professional and community support to me."

Cmdr. Bruno Carioti, P.E., USN (Ret.)

"I joined The Society as a young officer who knew practically nothing about anything, in the hope that from it and its publication [The Military Engineer] I might learn at least what military engineers were doing, where and how thye were doing it, and where they were getting the information on how to do it best...
"To my great sanctification, the organization, publications and chapters did, in fact, supply a lot of information."

Col. William W. Smith Jr., P.E., USA (Ret.)

"I am proud to be a professional soldier and I am proud to be a professional engineer. Only SAME allows me to celebrate both on a regular basis."

Col. Harry Lombard, P.E., USA (Ret.)

"It is hard for me to believe that my membership in The Society goes back almost 60 years, since early in WWII. Over those years, at posts throughout the world, it has been my professional and social fraternity.
"I have found the greatest asset of SAME membership to be the opportunity to get to know, and learn from, engineers of the other services and leaders in the construction industry. Thank you, SAME."

Col. James B. Meanor Jr., P.E., USA (Ret.)


SAME Membership means many different things to many different people. But SAME Membership has something to offer everyone.

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