USMC Engineer Officer of the Year

Presented for outstanding contribution to military engineering by an officer of the U.S. Marine Corps. The award development was a joint effort between SAME and the U.S. Marine Corps Engineering Assoc. and was first awarded in 2009.

Eligibility: Members of the U.S. Marine Corps, regular, reserve, who serve as engineering officers.

Criteria: Most outstanding contribution to military engineering through achievement in design, construction, administration, research, or development. MCEA will convene a panel each year to select one officer from among five award categories from the MCEA Awards Program

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Past USMC Engineer Officer Award Recipients are:

  • 2014 Capt. Jonathan C. Scarfe, USMC
  • 2013 Capt. Lars Rockholm, USMC
  • 2012 1st Lt. Stafford A. Buchanan, USMC
  • 2011 Chief Warrant Officer 3 Anthony Reiter, USMC
  • 2010 Capt. Todd A. Peterson, USMC
  • 2009 Capt. Colter J. Bahlau
  • 2008 1st Lt. George A. Saenz, USMC
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