Post Operations

 PostOperationsManual-Cover Download a copy of the 2014
Post Operations Manual

Post Operations information is online for your convenience. For your ease in accessing information, you can download 2014 Post Operations Manual [PDF]. Or, you can select from among the six sections noted below: (1) Guiding Documents & Structure; (2) post Financial Guidelines; (3) Post Operations & Administration; (4) Relationships & Recognition; (5) Communications & Outreach; and (6) Education & Training. Under each heading is the information contained in that section.

Please click on the heading below to be directed to the information contained within that section. You will need your e-mail address and SAME Member ID number to access this “Members Only” portion of the SAME website.

Guiding Documents & Structure

  • Important historical documents
  • Ethics information
  • SAME Strategic Plan
  • Insurance request guidelines
  • Certificates

Post Financial Guidelines

  • Retrieve IRS information & ID numbers
  • Exemption numbers
  • IRS Determination Letter (also known as the National Tax Exemption Certificate)
  • Best practices for Post finances

Post Operations & Administration

  • Post Operations Handbook (2013 Edition)
  • Guidance on establishing, maintaining and growing a Post
  • Script for Officer Transition Ceremony
  • Info on getting POC lists and Officer reports from CLAS (Chapter Leader Access System)
  • Annual Post Streamer Awards information
  • Post Leaders Workshop information & presentations
  • Government Attendance at SAME Conferences

Relationships & Recognition

  • Guidance on how to recognize Post members through the national awards programs
  • Streamer Awards information
  • SAME Committees & Councils

Communication & Outreach

  • Guidance on how best to communicate with Post members
  • Photo Release Form
  • Official SAME Logos
  • Post Outreach to Students
  • Communications & Outreach Best Practices

Education & Training

  • SAME Calendar of Events
  • SAME Continuing Education Program Courses & Webinars
  • Scholarship Guidelines
  • Guidance on PDH administration & CPC requirements
  • SAME Continuing Professional Competency Guide
  • Learn about Education and Training opportunities
  • Conference Planning Library


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