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Dallas/Fort Worth Post

Welcoming Troops Home

In September 2010, the Dallas Post conducted a community service event to greet servicemen and women who were returning through DFW International Airport for their mid-tour leave. Anywhere from 150 to 250 troops come through DFW airport each day on their way home for a two-week R&R (Rest and Recuperation). One flight arrives daily at DFW and one departs each day. A small number of service men and women meets their families in DFW, but the majority catch connecting flights home. Volunteers gather each day to welcome these troops off their flight, thanking and encouraging them for their service to our great nation. The Post partnered with a local Girl Scout Troop and a local church youth group to assemble 250 goodie bags and make Welcome Home posters for soldiers returning through DFW Airport. Post Board Member Col. Billy Tollison met with the group and spoke to them about the importance of what they were doing and the challenges that are faced by men and women overseas. Post members along with the church group handed out more than 250 bags out on Sept. 18, 2011, at the airport. Please visit for additional footage.



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