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Omaha Post Promotes Engineering through the Student Mentoring Program

Since 2001, the SAME Omaha Post has been mentoring students interested in the A/E/C fields by being a part of the University of Nebraska's Student Mentoring Program (SMP). The program matches volunteer mentors with teams of students and teachers to participate in "real-world" projects led by actual practitioners. Approximately 300 middle and high school students from 20 schools participate annually in SMP. With a goal to inspire and assist young, aspiring engineers, the Omaha Post provides professional mentors while also lending support and participation in SMP workshops and demonstrations.

Each year, SMP engages students by holding orientation events, workshops and project submissions from competing teams made up of students, teachers and mentors. The teams will present their proposals as they vie for the winning project on Competition Day, to be held Mar. 29, 2012. Types of awards include the Post President's Awards, Awards of Distinction (sponsored by SAME sustaining members) and Gold and Silver Level of Achievement in Merit Categories.

The projects will be displayed at Omaha Post's Industry Day May 8-9, 2012. See the 2011-2012 SMP Schedule.

The Omaha North School Team 1 Project Omaha-Dagascar received the 2009-2010 SAME Omaha Post President's Award of Honor.

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