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About Us:

The SAME College Outreach Committee strives to organize programs and present opportunities to future members of the military engineering community that will foster networking within the professional community, build leadership skills and provide job opportunities to recent graduates. Additionally, students with an active membership within SAME have at their disposal a wealth of knowledge and experiences from professionals throughout the military engineering enterprise that is simply not available by other means. Check us out on Facebook!

Mission Statement:

The College Outreach Committee assists SAME Posts in mentoring and building professional relationships between Post members and students majoring in engineering and related programs at local colleges and universities, and introducing students to job opportunities in military engineering.

A Note from the Committee Chair:

Current and Prospective Student Members,
SAME has a rich tradition within the military, private and public communities of providing professionals with networking opportunities and professional development.  As a Student Member, you have the resources to develop the skills necessary for a successful career prior to graduation.  Annual workshops provide opportunities for networking and sharing of Student Chapter successful programs and challenges. 
I have 7 specific goals for the 2014-2015 academic year to continue the success of College Outreach across SAME. They are as follows:
1.  Increase interaction between Posts and Chapters
2.  Increase Student membership and Chapters
3.  Increase Student Chapter and Student Leaders Workshops participation
4.  Update and maintain directories of Chapters, Post Mentors and Faculty Advisors
5.  Determine state of Student Chapters
6. Update and maintain an active Committee website to share ideas with Posts and Student Chapters
7.  Establish Committee Vice-Chair positions for Senior Post Mentor, Senior Faculty Advisor and Communication
I look forward to hearing about the success of your Chapter and assisting with any challenges you are facing.  Please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions, concerns or how the Committee can serve you and your Chapter better.
Corey T. Weaver, E.I., Chair
College Outreach Committee


Student Chapters

Student Chapters promote the goals and objectives of SAME, and encourage the advancement of careers in architecture, engineering and construction by connecting college students with professionals in these fields.

SAME College Program Update Newsletter

How to Start a Student Chapter

Can't find a SAME Student Chapter? Take lead and start one! Click below to find relevant information regarding how to start a Student Chapter in your local school or university. Students interested in starting a Student Chapter should contact the nearest SAME Post and ask for a mentor to assist them. Questions regarding how to start a Student Chapter should be directed to the College Outreach Committee Chair, Corey Weaver, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Student Chapter Status Report

Posts with a Student Chapter are required to submit a Student Chapter Status Report by December 1 of each year. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Stacy Humes, SAME Post Operations Specialist, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Events and Presentations

Student Advisory Group:

The SAME Student Advisory Group (SAG) serves as a forum for SAME Student Members to interface with the College Outreach Committee in order to provide insight on student issues, and to allow students to network with each other and share ideas about Student Chapter successes, difficulties and mentoring programs.
Nominations for Student Advisory Group leadership positions are taken at the annual Student Leaders Workshop.  At the 2014 Student Leaders Workshop, student attendees nominated and selected the following for 2014-2015 SAG leadership positions:
-Ethan Podritz, Vice-Chair, Student Advisory Group (University of St. Thomas)
-Henry Kinane, (University of St. Thomas)
-Himberto Johnson, (University of Texas at Arlington)
-Mason Wachter, (The Citadel)

Post Mentoring

Mentoring is one of SAME's most important goals, and toward that end Posts are encouraged to develop College Outreach plans to involve local college and university students and encourage their pursuit of careers in the A/E/C field. Remember, the students you mentor today will be the leaders of tomorrow!
Posts can work with students toward this goal by:

  • Sponsoring a Student Chapter at a local college or university that has a program for students in engineering, architecture or construction.
  • Support two Student Leaders from your Student Chapter by sending them to the annual SAME Student Leadership Workshop. Space permitting, Posts may send a third student leader from their Student Chapter by paying a $300 registration fee per student. Download the Student Workshop application form to register your Student Leader(s) to the attend the Winter 2014 SAME Student Leaders Workshop February 19-22 in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Formalizing the creation of a Student Chapter with an endorsed Charter. Download the Student Chapter Charter Template. [PDF]
  • Seeking out faculty members that may be SAME members, and get them involved as Faculty Advisors.
  • Seeking out former graduates from the local colleges or universities who will be able to connect you with current faculty or students.
  • Forwarding the signed Student Chapter Charter to Corey Weaver, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will forward it on to SAME national headquarters.
  • Helping with recruitment material to attract student members. Click here to view/download recruitment material. (coming soon)
  • Assisting the student chapter by suggesting meeting topics, speakers and field trips to SAME member offices or work sites.
  • Letting the students know about job opportunities and internships.
  • Encouraging students to be involved with the SAME Young Member Council.
  • Host programs and activities that involve students majoring in engineering, architecture or construction from a local college or university. The activity or program should focus on the mentoring of students.

Recognition is one of the key components in engaging young leaders in the Society. To that end, the Society created two awards that offer Posts a way to recognize the leadership and involvement of college and university students:

Nominations for these annual awards, with supporting materials, are due to SAME HQ no later than January 31st of each year.

College Outreach Presentations

Presentation to Student Chapter Workshop - Joe Manous, PhD, PE [PDF]
Presentation to SAME Student Chapter Workshop - Bill Kilpatrick [PDF]
Missouri University of Science and Technology Student Chapter [PDF]
Military Engineering - Dr. Robert Wolff, P.E., F.SAME [PDF]
SAME - Past, Present and Future - Dr. Bob Wolff, P.E., F.SAME [PDF]
Student Chapter Workshop [PDF]
United States Air Force Academy - Major Scott Stanford and Mr. Jerry Milliman [PDF]
Texas A&M University Student Chapter [PDF]
University of Missouri-Kansas City SAME Student Chapter Briefing [PDF]
SAME Northern Virginia Post - Bill Kilpatrick [PDF]
Tony Leketa - Most Important [WMV]

SAME E-Networking Options

  SAME has established several e-networking options that enable students to get engaged, be informed and stay connected. These include:
LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the leading professional networking tool online, used by over 50 million professionals worldwide and approximately 3500 SAME members. This is an outstanding opportunity for student members to be connected with other SAME members for a summer internships or possibly a first job!  Click here to join! LinkedIn is FREE and open to all SAME members.
Twitter – Follow SAME on Twitter:
Facebook --

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