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The International Committee's mission is threefold:

  • Provide an overseas venue for OCONUS members to stay active when a Post is not available
  • Synchronize SAME overseas activities and collaboration between OCONUS Post/Chapters
  • Assist the Combatant Commands with Public-Private synchronization to solve military engineering challenges

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Committee Chair

Blair Schantz

COL Blair Schantz, PMP, CCM, USA (Ret.)


Stay Engaged

International Committee Call

When: 7 December at 1200 EST / 1800 CET / 2000 GST / 0200 JST / 0700 HAST

Topic: Airbase Resilience in 2030 and Beyond

Speaker: Gus Boschert, SPA


Education Opportunities

International Committee Virtual Meeting -Agenda

When: 2 November at 1200 EST / 1800 CET / 2000 GST / 0200 JST / 0700 HAST

Topic: NSPA's Engineering and Construction Programme and Opportunities

Speaker: Travis Dominski


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Monthly Committee Call In Information:

-SAME IC Members Contact Angelique Davel if you have not already received the appointment.

-SAME Non-IC Members Follow the instructions above to join the International Committee and receive access to all monthly webinars.


Organization Structure


 Title  Name/Email Phone # 
Chair  Blair Schantz (406) 924-1722
Vice Chair  Christian J. Knustson, P.E., PMP  +49-174-214-6437
Programs Pacific  Jeff Clark  (808) 225-6799
Programs Europe  Mike Sedge  (081) 851-2208
Programs DoD Agencies  MAJ Keith Hammack, Jr. (540) 324-9014
Outreach Programs Lauri Ruch  (406) 551-6599
Secretary Angelique Davel  Skype: angelique8746, Cell: +27845816426

2017-2018 Goals

  •  Pursue potential field chapters with RVPs: Europe and Australia
  • Improve International Grant Program execution to assist overseas Post and Field Chapters
  • Improve IC STRATCOM: LinkedIn Group, TE Articles, SAME Website
  • Align monthly virtual meetings and special webinars with SAME Program and COCOM requirements
  •  Improve global participation through adjusted meeting times and rebroadcast (meeting recordings)
  •  Improve support and collaboration with Regional Vice Presidents (RVP)


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