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Save the Date:

You're invited to attend a 4-hour Mentor-Protégé and Joint Venture Retreat.

Friday, February 10th, 2017

Location: UNO Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center

These partnerships always sound like a good idea, but they're hard for small businesses to achieve. The goal of this retreat is to empower small businesses with the tools they need to actually make these partnerships happen.

Large business mentors will share their experience with Large-Small Business Partnerships, including:

  • Is a Mentor-Protégé or Joint Venture partnership better?
  • How do you find business partners?
  • What are the first steps? 
  • What rules do you need to follow?
  • And many more Lessons Learned.

Hear from firms with been there, done that experience. Our panel members firms from all major fields, including engineering, architecture and general contracting firms. The Small Business Administration will also present and be available to answer questions. 

Registration is free to all attendees.

Questions or ready to register? Please contact: 
Dan Taylor
Omaha Post Small Business Liaison Officer

Large-Small Business Mentorship Roundtable Discussion

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

The Small Business Council held a Large-Small Business Mentorship Roundtable Discussion on Oct. 20th, 2016.

Three large business members shared feedback to help small business members increase partnership opportunities and offered feedback on how to make their business a more appealing small business partner. The roundtables featured a break out session with small groups so attendees could discuss and connect with large business representatives regarding their concerns.

The event took place from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at Mammel Hall, Room 302 on UNO's Campus at 6708 Pine Street, Omaha, NE 68182 (Google Maps http://bit.ly/2ceGwqd).

Following the event at 5 p.m., was a social hour at DJ's Dugout in Aksarben Village.

Group 1

From left to right:
Tim Dayhuff, Warren Digman, Veronica Doga, Jay Kline, & Brandon Sire

Group 2

From left to right:
Tom Svoboda, David Holtzclaw, Harold Sargus, & Steve Cox

Group 3

From left to right:
Ryan Bentley, Joe Popelka, Babara Tozser, Hubert Carter, Sara Mechtenberg, & Randy Petersen

Event Sinage

From left to right:
Jay Kline and Time Dayhuff