April 15, 2015
Topic: Drones for Good and LiDAR Scanning
Speaker: Kelly McClinton, ARch Aerial LLC
February 25, 2015
Topic: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Military Munitions Support Services Update to SAME EAC
Speaker: Mr. Christopher Evans, P.E. PMP, Deputy Chief, Environmental Division, Directorate of Military Programs

July 16, 2014 
Topic: Munitions Response in an Underwater Environment
Speaker: Mr. Brian Skubin, Program Manager with USA Environmental 

June 18, 2014
Topic: PFASs (Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) Introduction and Background
Speaker: Ms. Shalene Thomas, PMP - AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

April 23, 2014
Topic: MMRP Work Plan Including UFP-QAPP
Additional material: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Guidance on Quality Assurance Project Plans Final Draft
John Sikes, Quality Assurance Specialist, EM-CX , U.S. Army Corps of Engineer
Dwayne Ford, Civil Engineer, EM-CX , U.S. Army Corps of Engineer
Kevin Oates, Environmental Scientist, EM-CX , U.S. Army Corps of Engineer
Bill Veith, Ordnance and Explosives Safety Specialist, EM-CX , U.S. Army Corps of Engineer

March 19, 2014

Topic: The Future of the Air Force Range Sustainment Program
Speaker: Jon Haliscak, Air Force Civil Engineering Center’s Environmental Center of Excellence
February 19, 2014
Topic: Emerging Contaminants
Speaker: Anita Meyer, DABT Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise, USACE

June 2013
Title: An Overview of the Army National Guard Bureau Environmental Division Programs and Structure
Speaker: Lt. Col. Michaelle Munger, Resource Branch Chief, Environmental Programs Division, Army National Guard

April 2013
Title: Evolving Military Munitions Response Program
Speaker: Christopher Evans, P.E., PMP Special Assistant for M2S2 Environmental Community of Practice Headquarters, US Army Corps of Engineers

February 2013
Title: Introduction to SURF and its Technical Initiatives
Speaker: Karin Holland, Haley & Aldrich

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Lt. Col. Scott Prosuch, F.SAME, USA (Ret.), is a Senior Program Manager with Tetra Tech and Chair of the SAME STEM Committee. A member of SAME for more than 30 years, he was invested in the Academy of Fellows in 2003.


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