SAME presents awards to individuals and organizations from the uniformed services and the private sector in recognition of achievement in support of the engineering profession, the nation's national security objectives and the SAME Strategic Plan, which promotes recognition for the internal and external accomplishments of SAME members.

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Committee Chair

Michelle Chambliss
Business Development Manager
Faith Group, LLC



From the days of the fledgling collection of colonies to today’s coalitions of nations, engineers have brought mobility, natural resources, better health and security to people around the world.

People remember the names of kings and presidents. But the names of those who surveyed, engineered, designed and built America — and helped build other nations — do not come quite so easily to mind. Yet the living conditions of people, the expanding world economy and the emergence of global stability are products of the remarkable gifts and the immeasurable contributions of engineers.

Each year, SAME presents 35 awards saluting individuals, companies, government agencies and uniformed teams and units whose achievements are making our Society, our private and public organizations, and our lives significantly better today.

In addition, SAME's chapters, called Posts, compete in the annual Streamer Awards competition to reward dedication and service to SAME at the local level.