Mentors and Staff

Ba a Camp Mentor or Camp Staff


SAME Camps offer SAME Young Members, Non-commissioned Officers, teachers, and individuals with a STEM background a valuable opportunity to mentor tomorrow’s engineers and STEM leaders. Mentors lead, guide, coach, supervise and support activities and share experiences with students about real-world projects in the STEM field.

Mentors spend the week at the camp and are assigned to groups of 10-12 campers.

Mentor Criteria

To become a camp mentor, you should:

  • Have a background in a STEM field;
  • Be active in SAME Post;
  • Have experience in mentoring or coaching young people; and

Depending on the camp, mentors may be expected to attend the entire camp. Due to the strenuous nature of some of the activities, mentors should be physically fit and healthy.

Mentors will also need to go through a training on the protection of children. The training will be provided by SAME or the individual camp activity.

Apply to be a Mentor

To be considered as a mentor in one of our camps, stay tuned for the announcement of the 2019 Call for Mentors.


Some camps need individuals to support the camp in a staff or leadership role. Positions include:

  • program director
  • operations director
  • logistics director
  • senior mentor
  • day leader
  • event leader

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the camps, please contact the appropriate camp director.