Hollis Medal

The Hollis Medal is named for Rear Adm. Mark D. Hollis, USPHS. The award is presented for outstanding contributions to military engineering by a U.S. Public Health Service officer. This medal was first awarded 2000.

Criteria: Most outstanding contribution to military engineering through achievement in design, construction, administration, research, or development.

Eligibility: A U.S. Public Health Service officer level O4 or above whether active, inactive or retired. Also a USPHS civilian employee, active or retired, of equivalent grade.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.

Past Hollis Medal Recipients:

  • 2019 Cdr. Brad Cunningham, RAC, USPHS, Food & Drug Administration
  • 2018 Cdr. Varsha Savalia, USPHS, Food & Drug Administration
  • 2017 Cdr. Matthew Mergenthaler, P.E., USPHS, Indian Health Service
  • 2016 Lt. Cdr. Ryan Clapp, P.E., USPHS
  • 2015 Lt. Cdr. Roger Hargrove, P.E., USPHS
  • 2014 Cdr. Brian Breuer, P.E., USPHS
  • 2013 Lt. Cdr. Weson Kenney, USPHS
  • 2012 Lt. Cdr. Michael Termont, P.E., USPHS
  • 2011 Lt. Cdr. Shad M. Schoppert, P.E., USPHS
  • 2010 Lt. Cdr. Samuel Russell, P.E.
  • 2009 Lt. Cdr. Kris Neset, USPHS
  • 2008 Lt. Cdr. John David Mazorra, P.E., USPHS
  • 2007 Lt. Cdr. Norman T. Hepner, P.E., USPHS
  • 2006 Cdr. David W. Ausdemore, P.E., CIH, USPHS
  • 2005 Cdr. Bradley K. Harris, P.E., USPHS
  • 2004 Cmdr. Anthony T. Zimmer, Ph.D., P.E., C.I.H., USPHS
  • 2003 Capt. Gregory Stevens, USPHS
  • 2002 Lt. Cmdr. Nathan C. Tatum, P.E., USPHS
  • 2001 Cmdr. Michael S. Coene, USPHS
  • 2000 Capt. Rao Y. Surampalli, Ph.D., P.E., DEE, USPHS
  • 2000 Capt. Sven E. Rodenbeck, Sc.D., P.E., DEE, USPHS