Shields Medal

The Shields Medal is named in honor of Petty Officer Marvin G. Shields, USN, who was killed in action during the Vietnam War and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. He is the only Navy Seabee to have received the Medal of Honor.

Presented for outstanding contributions to facility construction and/or maintenance by demonstrated technical and leadership ability. The medal was first awarded for 1974.

Criteria: Outstanding contributions to facility construction and/or maintenance by demonstrated technical and leadership ability.

Eligibility: Active duty enlisted member of the U.S. Navy in Occupational Field 13 rating.

Please contact your chain of command for information about the Uniformed Service Awards nomination process.  SAME provides a formal ceremony for recipients.


Past Shields Medal Recipients
  • 2019 Construction Electrician 1st Class Rodney Lively, USN, Naval Special Warfare Group 1, Logistics Support Unit, Naval Base Coronado
  • 2018 Utilitiesmen 1st Class Cole Einhaus, USN, Mobile Utilities Support Equipment Division, Naval Facilities Engineering & Expeditionary Warfare Center
  • 2017 Builder 1st Class Frank Guerrero, USN, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3
  • 2016 Builder 1st Class Steven Williams, USN Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5
  • 2015 Construction Mechanic 1st Class James Eaton, USN
  • 2014 Builder 1st Class Patrick J. Smith, USN
  • 2013 SW1 Coogan Kennedy, USN
  • 2012 Construction Mechanic1st Class Simon R. Fesquez, NMCB 5
  • 2011 Builder 1st Class (SCW) Reno R. Perryman, USN
  • 2010 Utilitiesman 1st Class Kevin K. Swanson, USN
  • 2009 Utilitiesman 1st Class (SCW) William H. Allen, USN
  • 2008 Utilitiesman 1st Class Jesse C. Scherer, USN
  • 2007 Builder 1st Class (SCW) Courtland T. Sawyer
  • 2006 Builder 1st Class (SCW) Jonathan D. Eisfelder
  • 2005 Builder 1st Class (SCW/FMF) Jerry Johnson
  • 2004 Utilitiesman 1st Class Sean C. Stewart
  • 2003 Utilitiesman 1st Class William E. Yobs
  • 2002 Petty Officer Nicholas E. Christilaw
  • 2001 Steel Worker 1st Class Edward Perry
  • 2000 Equipment Operator 1st Class Terry R. Cape
  • 1999 Equipment Operator 1st Class Timothy E. Scott
  • 1998 Builder 1st Class Eric W. Hass
  • 1997 Petty Officer James L. Trocke
  • 1996 SW1 Martin A. Andrews
  • 1995 Steelworker 1st Class Robert L. Bryant
  • 1994 SWl Richard P. Glover
  • 1993 EOl Kelly J. Ryan
  • 1992 Equip. Oper. 1st Class Stephen A. Hayes
  • 1991 SWl Larry L. Greenwood
  • 1990 SWl Mark T. Giardina
  • 1989 Utilitiesman 1st Class Lew A. Burkholder, III
  • 1988 SW1 William M. Toth
  • 1987 CE1 Joye Smith
  • 1986 Steelworker 1st Class George M. Havash
  • 1985 BU1 Rickie D. Deems
  • 1984 CM1 Daniel J. Brunger
  • 1983 BU1 Theodore T. Posuniak
  • 1982 Claude V. VanGurp
  • 1981 Jack Benny Feagins
  • 1980 Urilitiesman 1st Class Robert E. Zulick
  • 1979 Equip. Oper. 2nd Class Joel Lee Turnham
  • 1978 UT1 Charles J. Hoffpauir, Jr.
  • 1977 Const. Electrician Ist Class Harold D. Pape
  • 1976 Chief Utilitiesman David M. Quintero
  • 1975 Builder Chief Richard W. Brown
  • 1974 Senior Chief Donald L. Morrison
  • 1973 Petty Officer 2nd Class Kenneth L. Welch