Academy of Fellows Nomination Criteria and Form

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AUGUST 15: Nominators to submit Nomination Packages in draft to AOF Regional POCs for review (date is recommended). [Click here to access Regional POC list.]

SEPTEMBER 1: AOF Regional POC to complete nomination packet reviews and provide comments to nominators (date is recommended).

OCTOBER 2: Completed Nominations Packages for SAME Fellow are due to the SAME National Office no later than OCTOBER 2, 2018.

Approximately NOVEMBER 15: Selection Committee to report recommendations to Academy Chair and Society President.

Approximately DECEMBER 15: Results provided to nominees/nominators.

MARCH 13, 2019: FELLOWS INVESTITURE - Selected nominees expected to participate in Fellows Investiture.

Please review all criteria sections before submitting the online nomination form located at the bottom of this page. 

** If you have any questions on the nomination process and/or to confirm receipt of your nomination package, please contact Kathy Off, at, or by telephone at 703-549-3800 ext. 153. **

OCTOBER 2: Completed Nominations Packages for SAME Fellow are due to SAME HQ.  There will be NO exceptions to the deadline.

To be a Fellow, nominees must be shown to have provided a positive impact on both The Society and to the engineering and related professions. Nominations for Fellow must follow the form and format with criteria provided on the SAME website as follows:


Nominations must be submitted in the following format.  Please read through the format so that you are prepared to enter the information on the form.


1.  NOMINEE INFORMATION (mandatory) (Please ensure this information is reflected in your SAME Membership Record.  Failure to do so could result in elimination.):
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Professional Designation (Ph.D., P.E., RA, AIA, CFM, CCM, PMP, F.E., EIT, etc.; please include N/A if no designations are applicable)
Membership Number
Years of SAME Membership

Primary/ Nominating Post


List elected and appointed leadership positions (preferably over at least a minimum of 10 years) and dates held at Post, Regional and/or National levels in chronological order, latest first. These can include committee assignments. List only please.

3.  SERVICE TO SAME (20%):
For each SAME leadership position or committee assignment listed in 2, describe the impact the nominee personally made while in the position and the benefit(s) to the Post, Region or national direction. Please address (1) challenges with which the nominee was confronted, (2) efforts the nominee undertook to address those challenges, and (3) impact, including successes and benefits gained by the Post or SAME as a whole. Include discussion of such things as: mentoring and/or enhancing students’ and Young Members’ involvement with SAME; increasing SAME membership; leading training and education achievements; making presentations at SAME meetings and conferences; building relationships between the private sector and government; involvement in joint engineering operations, emergency preparedness and response in furtherance of national defense and homeland security; forming or participating in partnerships and alliances with other professional societies and related associations; supporting community outreach; and efforts toward the achievement of other goals and objectives set forth in the SAME Strategic Plan. This is not an all-inclusive list. Other efforts can be presented. Only present efforts undertaken that actually benefitted SAME and inform of the impact.

(1,200 words or less, no smaller than 11 size font)


List in chronological order, latest first, positions the nominee has held for at least the past ten years and the dates. For each position held, please address (1) challenges with which the nominee was confronted, (2) efforts the nominee undertook to address those challenges, and (3) the impact of those efforts, including the achievements accomplished while in the position and the benefit(s) that followed. Cite contributions and activities that demonstrate an impact to the engineering profession, such as: developing and implementing innovative approaches in managing significant engineering projects; mentoring young engineers and/or inspiring students to become engineers; preparing proposals for significant engineering and related studies and projects; participation in community outreach to promote the public’s understanding of the contributions of the engineering profession to the quality of life; research, development and technology transfer of engineering and related technology; teaching engineering and related subjects to advance the engineering professional and participation on professional committees and groups; publishing professional articles; and any other efforts that advance the engineering profession. Do not submit what may be taken simply as position or job descriptions. Clearly define the impact personally provided to the profession. 
(900 words or less, no smaller than 11 size font)


List professional, SAME and community service awards or honors received by the nominee. Provide the name and description of the award and explain what it was the nominee did to be selected to receive the award or honor.



Every nomination must include four endorsements that address the endorser’s assessment of the commitment of the nominee to actively serve the society after becoming a Fellow.  Each endorsement should be no longer than 400 words, font size greater than 11.

1.      Nominator (must be a fellow) (Name, e-mail)

2.      Regional Fellows Point of Contact: (Name, e-mail)

3.      Regional Vice President:­­­­­­­­­­ (Name, e-mail)

(if the RVP is the nominee, the endorsement of the immediate past RVP can be substituted)

4.      Post President: (Name, e-mail)

(if the Post President is the nominee, the endorsement can come from another Post officer)



1.      Strategic Plan/RT2020AB:  Choose one area of the Strategic Plan or Run to 2020 Plan and describe how you would translate and apply it to your Post.

2.      Constitution: What were the original objectives of the Society?

3.      Bylaws: The following are voting members of the Board of Direction (multiple choice):

a.      President, Vice Presidents, Executive Director, President Elect, Immediate Past President.

b.      National Officers, RVPs, Committee & Council Chairs, Directors.

c.       President, Vice Presidents, President Elect, Immediate Past President, RVPs, Committee & Council Chairs, Elected Directors.

4.      Nominating Procedures: What is the criteria to become President of the Society?

5.      IGE Plan: What is the difference between an Industry-Government Workshop and a CEO Roundtable?

6.      AOF Operations: What members make up the Nominating Committee for Fellows?

7.      AOF Charge & Pledge:  Which element of the Charge & Pledge speaks to you the most?

8.      Foundation:  What is the enduring purpose of the Foundation? (multiple choice)

a.      To act as a suppository for Post Scholarship funds.

b.      To foster engineering leadership for the nation.

c.      To raise money for Society operations.

9.      Strategic Partners: Suggest a possible Strategic Partner for SAME and how it would match SAME’s Strategic Partner Philosophy.

10.  Member Responsibility: How does one update their "Member Account" information and why is this important?

8.  FUTURE FELLOWS ROLE (25%) (This document will be signed at the ceremony and posted to the website.):
What is your future plan to translate your passion for the SAME Mission and National Direction into action at the Post level?  What impact do you plan to make and what will be the metrics to measure that impact?

(900 words or less, no smaller than 11 size font)


Compose a citation, in 200 words or less, summarizing the nominee’s SAME and career achievements and future efforts for inclusion in the Investiture Ceremony brochure. (Note: SAME National Office will edit for grammar and word count prior to publication.)