Academy of Fellows Nomination Criteria and Form

Nomination form for the Class of 2020 is open.  Please note dates below.

Webinar was held April 24, 2019Watch the video on YouTube.

View the webinar slides here.

Nomination Instructions

August 2: Nominees must submit intention to apply for Fellow to their Regional Fellows Point of Contact (RFPOC).  Nomination packet must be at 50% complete stage as determined by the RFPOC.

August 5: RFPOCs submit list of nominees to National Office. Any nominations received by National at a later date will not be accepted.

August 26: Complete draft of nomination package due to RFPOC. Please Note: Nothing is due to the SAME National Office until the October 1st deadline.

September 1: RFPOC to complete nomination packet reviews and provide comments to nominators (date is recommended).

October 1: Completed Nominations Packages for SAME Fellow are due to the SAME National Office.  We suggest that you do not wait until October 1 to ensure that your file uploads correctly.

December 31: Results provided to nominees/nominators.

May 29, 2020: FELLOWS INVESTITURE AT JETC! - Selected nominees expected to participate in Fellows Investiture.

Nomination Process

** If you have any questions on the nomination process and/or to confirm receipt of your nomination package, please contact Eddie Gonzalez, at, or by telephone at 703-549-3800 ext. 176. **

Step 1: Download Nomination Form.  The form is in a Word Document to make it easier for you to enter and edit answers prior to final submission.  We recommend doing this prior to submitting your intentions with your RFPOC.

Step 2: Attach Endorsements.  This is the last step before submission to your RFPOC on August 26.

Step 3: Turn your document with endorsements into a PDF.  You can do this by scanning it or by using Adobe Acrobat.

Step 4: Upload your packet via the form below.