Gibson Veteran Transition Medal

The Gibson Veteran Transition Medal is awarded to an SAME member in recognition of superior efforts in assisting uniformed personnel transition to the private sector. The medal is named in honor of COL Edward Gibson, F.SAME, USA (Ret.) for his unmatched support and commitment to helping America’s heroes achieve professional success in their post-service careers.

Eligibility: Must be a SAME member for at least 5 years.

Nomination Criteria: Must demonstrate excellence in at least ONE of the following areas:

  1. One on one veteran support:  this member is well known at the Post, Region, or National levels for providing trusted transition counseling or advice through formal means (established Post events, partner events, mentor/sponsor programs, etc...).
  2. Post Program Champion:  this member has established, maintained, or transformed an ongoing program at the Post level that supports veteran transition to the A/E/C industry or trades.
  3. National Level Support:  this member supports a relevant COI, Task Force, or effort to support veteran transition through national efforts such as assisting with the Transition Workshop regularly, establishing national-level programs maintained through COIs, establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships that support veteran transition, or by initiating new, national level veteran transition support.
  4. Skilled Technical Workforce: this person has directly led and supported efforts, long term (not one time), to address the talent shortage using transitioning service members.  This may be through credential – curriculum bridging for services, Trade and Labor Union training programs or through formal awareness and education programs championed by the nominee.

Nomination Process: Nominations for this award must be made by a Society member and endorsed by a Post Leader or National Board of Direction member using the Society nomination form.  The nominator will verify that the individual meets the eligibility criteria for the award, and that the nomination package provides detailed information to support one or more of the four nomination criteria for the nominee.  The nominator is responsible for ensuring the package, with endorsement, is submitted to and received by National.  

Past Gibson Veteran Transition Medal

2021 Col. Donald Gleason, P.E., PMP, CEP, USAF (Ret.)
2020 Col. Tony Hofmann, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)
2019 Col. Sal Nodjomian, P.E., F.SAME, USAF (Ret.), Matrix Design Group