Stem Excellence Post Award – Large, Medium, Small

For Excellence and Execution in supporting STEM. This award will be awarded to the most outstanding Large, Medium and Small Post each year.

Eligibility: Small/Medium/Large Post in good standing. Post must have an identified STEM Coordinator and member of the STEM Committee

Nomination Criteria:

  • Innovation
    Describe creative and unique STEM programs your Post has developed or are in the process of developing. [this section can be brief, full programs can be expanded on in para 3, do not include that your sent a camper to camp or raise money for scholarship through a golf event] 
  • Leadership & Organization
    Describe how your Post has demonstrated leadership and provided the organization structure for your STEM program. Consistent with the Strategic Plan, describe: 1) the leadership guidance, strategy, vision, concepts and direction provided to your STEM organization and teams to advance this program 2) the organizational structure used to control and manage the STEM program 3) opportunities for volunteer involvement. All focused on achieving results and improving your STEM program.
  • STEM Outreach Events
    Describe the events and programs your Post conducts or participated in, including: the type of event; names of other organizations involved; attendance; how the event was planned and organized; marketed, budgeted; follow-up programs with students. Demonstrated success in developing strategic partners furthering STEM education or awareness in the community. Events may include camps, scholarships, outreach events, presenting on STEM, mentoring, student /teacher/school connections, relationship with other STEM organizations….
  • STEM Results
    Describe the results your Post has achieved through the conduct of programs and activities in para 3. Results can be explained in terms of number of contacts, volunteers involved, external organizations involved, tracking/mentoring students through college and beyond, scholarship awarded and students mentored and tracked long terms, new relationships developed, camps and special events conducted that result in students choosing a STEM track…..

Nomination Process: Nominations are only accepted online using the designated application form on the SAME website. Nominations will only be accepted during the designated dates. Nominations must follow the format above. Any Post officer can submit the nomination. The nomination can cover the last 3 years and be a maximum of 4 pages, 11 pt font.


Past Stem Excellence Post Award – Large, Medium, Small

Year Small Post Medium Post Large Post
2020     Atlanta Post
2017 Tularosa Basin Post Orange County Post San Antonio Post
2018   Minneapolis-Saint Paul Post Kittyhawk Post
2019 Oxnard-Ventura Post Emerald Coast Post San Antonio Post