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New Post
1/21/2018 9:23 AM
The Resilience Committee has created a new forum to help facilitate collaboration across posts horizontally, and between HQ and posts vertically. We are looking to generate conversations on topical issues related to our Goal 4 of the campaign plan, and hopefully provide a fun and stimulating mode of communication addressing the full suite of Resilience topic areas. Never hesitate to let us know how we can assist YOU!

-The intent will be for a new thread posting every two weeks covering issues related to emergency preparedness/response, continuity of operations best practices, cybersecurity design, and much more. We will advertise and facilitate new threads on our linkedin page at:

-Reminder! Remember that the JETC suspense for papers is 26 January! Looking at having up to 9 Resilience Sessions so please submit your topics soon!

Our first topical forum post will be coming early next week.....looking forward to the conversation with you. Cheers!
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneral TopicsGeneral TopicsWelcome to the Resilience ForumWelcome to the Resilience Forum


Promote awareness, training, and partnerships to members and local/regional stakeholders with regards to Resilience Programs. The Committee provides information that supports the development of effective policies and efficient development, implementation, and use of technologies that both improve infrastructure resilience and identifies cybersecurity challenges and solutions.

Committee Chair

Col. Joe D Manous, Jr, P.E., Ph.D., USA (Ret.)

(703) 428-7074

Organization Structure

Technical Advisory Group: Albert Romano  

Regional and Local Post Outreach: Brec Wilshusen, P.E.

Cybersecurity: Lt. Col. Gary A. Gordon, Ph.D., P.E., USA (Ret.)

2018 JETC - Did you miss the Joint Engineering Training Conference held May 23 - 25, in KC? No worries! Click here to download presentations from the Conference 

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Knowledge Management Center

The Resilience Knowledge Management Center is a compilation of SAME's societal resources

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The Resilience Committee was formed in October 2016 with James Hagan, taking the lead as Chair. Following Jim’s untimely passing, Joe Manous assumed the Chair in November 2017.  The predecessor of the Resilience Committee, The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP) Council, facilitated public and private sector collaboration to advance the practice and policies of regional and infrastructure security and resilience.  That effort continues to broaden, as SAME attempts to mobilize action through its Posts and at the national level to promote secure and resilient infrastructure that supports the Nation’s economy and well-being of its people.


The SAME Resilience Committee builds upon TISP’s efforts of affiliation with a variety of agencies, private industry, associations, and individuals sharing common interests in resilient infrastructure to not only mobilize action through SAME Posts, but connect with the uniformed services, local communities, and federal agencies. 


Interview with Gary Gordan and Jim Hagan, SAME Resilience Committee

Resilience Committee Meeting 2017 JETC: May 23, 2017

Post Leaders Workshop Aug 20-22, 2017: St. Pete's Beach, FL