2016 Critical Infrastructure Symposium

Symposium Workshop: Innovations in Resilience Education

Speakers: Stanley Rader, D.E., P.E., and Cadets Dan Gaynes, G.J. Howland, and Tony Lee, U.S. Air Force Academy - Presentation

Opening Lunch: Growing a Secure Infrastructure – Port of Charleston

Capt. Gary Tomasulo, USCG, Sector Commander, Coast Guard Sector Charleston:  Presentation
Lt. Col. Matthew Luzzatto, P.E., PMP, USA, Commander, USACE Charleston District - Presentation

TECHNICAL SESSION 1A: Transportation Resilience

  • Warren Hughes, P.E., Kevin Porter, P.E., and Brett Blanton, P.E. CEM,  ATCS PLC
    Integrating Transportation Operations Centers, Traffic Management Centers and Intelligent Transportation Systems in Multi-Modal Resilience Analysis and Planning

TECHNICAL SESSION 1B: Critical Infrastructure

  • John Thomas, Ph.D. student, and Thomas Seager, Ph.D., Arizona State University
    o   A Holistic Approach to Critical Infrastructure:  Human Resilience and Development in Coupled Social, Ecological, and Technological Systems

TECHNICAL SESSION 1C:  Risk, Safety and Planning

TECHNICAL SESSION 1D: Electric Grid Resilience

  • Chris Beck, Ph.D., Avi Schnurr and Paul Stockton, Electric Infrastructure Security Council
    o   Electric Infrastructure Protection (E-PRO Handbook)
  • Thomas Popik, Foundation for Resilient Societies
    o   Electric Grid Reliability Standard-Setting at the Federal Level: Shared Authorities of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  • George Baker, Ph.D., James Madison University
    o   Wide-Area Effects on the National Electric Grid: Protection and Recovery Issues



  • Steve Coe, Rosenblum Coe Architects, Dave Crutchfield, P.E., RMF Engineering, and Paul Wood, Charleston County, S.C.
    o   Enhancing Safety & Security – A Case Study on Charleston County’s Consolidated 911 Call Center and Emergency Operations Center

**Please note:  the above presentation was inadvertently left out of the CIS Event Program**

TECHNICAL SESSION 2B: Infrastructure Protection and Resilience

  • Waheed Uddin, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
    o   Managing Disaster Resilience of City Public Infrastructure Assets

TECHNICAL SESSION 2C: Utilities Resilience

  • Olufemi Omitaomu, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and Supriya Chinthavali, Sangkeun Lee, and Sreenivas Sukumar, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    o   Vulnerability Analysis of Linked Electricity Generation and River Basin Systems Using an Integrated Graph Model
  • Brian Zapata, Ph.D., P.E.; Zapata Incorporated
    o   The Challenges of Implementing NERC CIP14

TECHNICAL SESSION 2D:  Security and Resilience of the Port of Charleston

  • Steve Kemp, South Carolina Ports Authority
  • Joanne Fogg, U.S. Customs & Border Protection
  • Cdr. Brian Falk, USCG, Coast Guard Sector Charleston
  • Tim Fudge, USACE Charleston District
  • Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh, USA (Ret.), Dewberry

Plenary Poster Discussion and Networking Reception

  • Matthew Redington, P.E., HDR Inc.
    o   A Hospital Rebuilds After Superstorm Sandy
  • R. Brec Wilshusen, P.E., and Jeffrey Alvich, P.E., SAME Omaha Post
    o   Practical Physical Protection Measures Applied to Lincoln Public Schools
  • David Brannegan, Frédéric Petit, Ph.D., ABCP, and Megan Clifford, Argonne National Laboratory
    o   Resilient Infrastructure Initiative
  • JD Solomon, P.E., CH2M
    o   A New Method for Determining Infrastructure Criticality

Breakfast Presentation:  Reconstruction in Post-Conflict Environments

Col. Craig Collier, USA (Ret.) – Professional Staff Member (Readiness), House Armed Services Committee; Presentation

Link to Craig's article in the Military Review, October, 2010:  Now That We're Leaving Iraq, What Did We Learn?


  • Timothy Brewer and Peter Vonk; Karagozian & Case Inc.
    o   Integration of Open Source Data Streams, 3-D Modeling, and Analytical Tools to Enhance Infrastructure Resilience and Security
  • Jahn Dussich, ITB Inc.
    o   Enhancing Resiliency Through Sustainability in Remote, Mission-Critical Locations
  • Susan Spierre Clark and Thomas Seager, Arizona State University
    o   A Capabilities Approach to Resilience

TECHNICAL SESSION 3B: Social and Economic Resilience

  • Paul Roege, P.E., Creative Erg LLC, James Mancillas, Ph.D., U.S. Army Environmental Command, and Igor Linkov, Ph.D., U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
    o   Governance for Resilience        Roege PAPER
  • George Huff, The Continuity Project
    o   Business Investment: Using Standards to Evaluate the Economics of Community Resilience

TECHNICAL SESSION 3C: Collegiate Infrastructure Challenge Presentations

  • Virginia Military Institute
  • The Citadel
  • U.S. Military Academy
  • U.S. Air Force Academy

TECHNICAL SESSION 3D:  Critical Water Infrastructure:  Asset Management Lessons and Challenges

  • Bill Brown, Association of State Floodplain Managers
  • Steve Martinko, K&L Gates

Plenary Session: Practical Community Resilience Program

  • Ed Hecker, P.E., USACE Institute for Water Resources

Closing Lunch with Keynote Speaker: A Risk-Informed View of Critical Infrastructure