2016 SAME/TISP Resilience Roundtable Presentations

Welcome: Washington DC SAME Post

Presentation: A Philosophy for Designing 22nd Century Infrastructure

  • Steven D. Hart, Ph.D., P.E.

Panel 1: Owners Perspectives on Enduring Infrastructure

This panel discusses the performance owners want from their infrastructures and what value added concepts they would like to see in proposals.

Panel 2: Moving Resilience from Bolt-On to Built-In

After 9-11, initial efforts at protection and resilience focused on retrofitting existing facilities. As resilience continues to be a desired building quality and new facilities continue to be built, how are codes and other regulatory requirements evolving so resilience is forethought, not an afterthought?

  • Sarah Gambill, OIP (No Slides)
  • David Kaufman, CNA (No Slides)

Presentation: Managing a building with a past, present, and future

  • Nancy Skinkle, Senior Director and Manager, Planning and Project Development Division, Architect of the Capitol

Panel 3: Delivering Quality Infrastructure

This panel discusses how Architecture and Engineering firms are including value added concepts like resilience and sustainability in proposals and how these proposals are received.

  •  Dave Wegner, Jacobs Engineering (No Slides)
  • Michael Walsh, Dewberry (No Slides)