2025 Strategic Plan Input

Input should be consolidated from your Post prior to submission.  Click HERE for a draft PDF 2025 Strategic Plan.

The SAME 2025 Strategic Planning team is seeking your input as we begin the next phase (Task Development) of our 2025 Strategic Planning efforts.  At the Post Leaders Workshop (PLW) in early August,  we found that many Posts were not aware of our request for input, regardless of our efforts to gather through RVPs and COI Chairs.   The specific focus of this effort is to validate the objectives and develop the tasks that posts or COIs can accomplish to meet the objectives.  Key in this effort is input regarding new streamer criteria.  

The suspense to provide feedback to the Strategic Planning team is August 30, 2019.  Click HERE for a timeline of plan development and Post requirements. 

Goal 1


GOAL 1:  Enhance Industry-Government Engagement.

As the cornerstone on which the Society was founded, SAME will lead efforts to foster communication among military, public, private, academic, and professional A/E/C organizations to identify issues and develop solutions collaboratively in support of National Security.

1.  Ensure the SAME Industry-Government Engagement Plan effectively produces viable engagements that enhance industry/government collaboration and add value to joint efforts to improve America’s infrastructure. Promote recognition of the role of SAME among all levels of government, industry, academic and business interests.

2.  Develop key Strategic Partnerships for the goal to identify focus areas, challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions that partnering will achieve.  Establish contacts at the Post, Region, and National levels to enhance vertical collaboration. 

3.  Develop a portfolio of SAME professional communications of high-quality content that informs, educates, enlightens, and reinforces our mission.  Maintain an up-to-date central location for Industry-Government Engagement efforts, tools, documentation and results on the SAME website.

4.  Ensure the SAME Communities of Interest are serving Posts, Regions, and National Entities as subject matter experts in their professional disciplines to enhance industry, government, and academic collaboration, professional development, and support industry-government engagement at every level.

5.  Lead efforts to promote inclusion of all stakeholders at the Post, Region, and National levels through meetings, workshops and conferences.

Goal 2

Goal 2: Develop Leaders for the Nation

Integrate investments in leadership development to produce leaders for the profession.

1. Execute Leadership Development Programs and ensure their long-term viability.


2. Promote a SAME mentoring continuum, highlighting potential growth and leadership opportunities for engaged members at all levels. 

3. Align and integrate society and foundation leadership investment.

4. Know and invest intentionally in leader-producing institutions and critical masses of military engineers.  

5. Grow academic professional membership.   

Goal 3

Goal 3 – Enhance the STEM Pipeline for the Nation

Help develop our nation’s future STEM professionals and grow prospective members of the Society through STEM outreach efforts, scholarships, and engagement of college student chapters.

1. Become a national leader in STEM initiatives at the primary and secondary school levels by developing active partnerships with locally relevant, established organizations focused on excitement and interest in the professions.  

2. Foster Post- and National- sponsored STEM-based camps or programs.

3. Enhance scholarship programs for camps, collegiate students, and other local, STEM-relevant events.  Establish well-defined and measurable outcomes to ensure good stewardship of the scholarship funds.

4. Align students with mentors to enhance learning and long-term commitment to SAME.


Goal 4

Goal 4: Prepare Transitioning Veterans for the A/E/C and Asset Management Industries

Expand networking opportunities for transitioning veterans to provide a platform that promotes credentialing and translates skills in a manner that connects to needs of the industry and nation.

1.  Build upon our success as a recognized national leader in creating opportunities for transitioning veterans across the A/E/C and asset management industries. Provide access to the full spectrum of credentialing for licensed professionals, skilled labor certifications and other A/E/C supporting qualifications to transitioning veterans.

2.  Sponsor the credentialing of a veteran leveraging post-level or Foundation funds. 

3.  Establish and offer a mentoring event for transitioning veterans connecting the A/E/C industry opportunities, leadership development and Fellows involvement.

4.  Sponsor or co-host an event with Trade Labor Unions to grow prospective members in the A/E/C industry from transitioning veterans.

Goal 5

Goal 5: Build and Strengthen Resilient Communities

Lead public and private sector collaboration to prepare communities to absorb, adapt and recover from natural or man-made threats

1. Leverage local, regional and national partnerships to provide education and training to stakeholders with regards to infrastructure risks and mitigation strategies.

2. Leverage the multidisciplinary nature of our membership to educate stakeholders on new and existing technologies across appropriate Department of Homeland Security defined critical infrastructure sectors.

3. Provide a platform at the local, regional and national level for cyber-security awareness, challenges and solutions to address infrastructure resilience.

4. Continue leading collaboration on joint response strategies to natural or man-made threats at the local, regional and national level.