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Each year, the SAME Charleston Post raises money for scholarships and other sponsorships and outreach. 

2021 Fundraising Tracking

As of November 12, 2021, we have raise $28,619 and have spent $25,234.49.

Source Amount
Annual Sponsors $6,000
Events $20,847
Meetings (50/50, Donations*) $1,772
Donations $0

* Donations that are specified for a specific cause will be directed to those categories.

Donations to Wounded Warriors = $146
Donations to Scholarship Fund = 171

Below is a breakdown of our budget for the funds potentially raised, and where we have spent funds to date.

 2021 Budget
 Scholarships, Sponsorships & Outreach* 
 Scholarships     $10,000     $10,000
Camps $2,100 $0
Outreach (incl Wounded Warriors) $3,000 $812.88
      Leadership Sponsorship (PLW & JETC)      $2,800 $0
Misc** $850 $0
Operational Expenses ***
Fundraising Events  $27,000 $13,860.37
Citadel Student Chapter  $600 $0
Bank Charges & PayPal Processing Fees  $22 $561.24
TOTAL  $46,372 $25,234.49

* Scholarships, Sponsorships, & Outreach are the categories we budget to give funds to.

** Misc is for sponsorships that are requested throughout the year that were not budgeted for within one of the other categories, as well as to purchase yard signs for our Scholarship recipients.

*** Operational Expenses are funds that we spend to host events, to charge credit cards for events, or to help the Student Chapter with their expenses. Ideally, we would raise this money within our fundraising funds and not use our operational funds.


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