Gita Murthy, Ph.D.,
Leading Small Business into the Future

Gita Murthy, Ph.D., is CEO and founder of RORE Inc., a construction, fuels and environmental remediation firm in San Diego. As CEO, she has led the firm from infancy to a $30 million firm. During her tenure, she has managed nearly 30 IDIQ contracts as a prime contractor for the Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Air Force and other public sector clients. She has led and managed projects that have ranged in diversity from geotechnical engineering to complex design-build construction and varied in locations from the Continental United States to Hawaii, Alaska, and Okinawa, Japan.

Dr. Murthy has been an active member of SAME for 12 years including serving as Chair of the Small Business Council, Co-Chair of JETC and a member of the national Board of Direction. Currently she is President of the San Diego Post where she has been a member since 2003. Over the years she has served as Chair of the Science Fair Program and Public Relations Committee as well as a member of the Joint Orange County/San Diego Post Camp Pendleton Day Committee and the Scholarship Committee.

Dr. Murthy has always had a great passion for education and continued learning, and a penchant for philanthropy and community service.  She began her career in the academic arena, and continues to fuel her intellect through hands-on design and construction.  As a woman-owned business, she employs several women engineers and professionals, mentors the young professionals to develop professionally into strong and confident contributors to society. She teams with other businesses and works collaboratively to deliver outstanding products to the DOD clients.

When she’s not working for RORE, or volunteering for SAME or other organizations, she enjoys raising her 12-year old twins to be successful contributors to society. And, when she finds time for herself, she is often found with a glass of wine in hand, or on the dance floor!