Lt. Col. Scott Prosuch, F.SAME, USA (Ret.)
Chair of the SAME STEM Committee

Lt. Col. Scott Prosuch, F.SAME, USA (Ret.), is a Senior Program Manager with Tetra Tech and Chair of the SAME STEM Committee. A member of SAME for more than 30 years, and long active in the Pikes Peak Post, he was invested in the Academy of Fellows in 2003. He has dedicated years of his time to helping develop future engineers. He was one of the founding members of the SAME Engineering & Construction Camps program, back in 2000, when he helped establish the first camp at the U.S. Air Force Academy. That camp, now in its 17th year, annually exposes nearly 100 high school students to the opportunities available in the engineering profession and at a United States service academy. The camp brings in students from across the country, and occasionally, from around the world, for a week-long immersion in a hands-on engineering activities and instruction.

Prosuch continued to help develop the SAME camps program, and served as the committee’s chair, which included a position on the SAME Board of Direction. In 2015, he was named the first chair of the new SAME STEM Committee and has quickly moved the committee forward, helping execute partnerships with other organizations around the industry such as the Boy Scouts of America, Technology Student Association and National Science Teachers Association, to enable SAME members and Posts to serve a collaborative role in helping the nation meet its future STEM demands.

Prosuch is a recipient of the Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award, which is awarded by the SAME Academy of Fellows for excellence in mentoring. He received numerous military honors, including the Legion of Merit and the de Fleury Medal, during his 26-year career as a U.S. Army engineer officer before he joined the private sector.


What is the STEM Committee?
Choreographers of Curiosity  & Creativity; Mentoring, Stimulating, Inspiring, Coaching and Building our Future Engineers and STEM Graduates

Why should a member of SAME want to participate on this Committee?
If you understand that keeping America on the cutting edge, as a leader in engineering, technology and innovation and that these attributes are critical to our national security, then you should join. But only  if you have the time to "give back" and support the development of our future engineers. 

Is the STEM Committee working with any external STEM organizations?
Yes, we are connect with many STEM organizations, ranging from the Technology Student Association (TSA)  to the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, with more coming on all the time.  

How is the STEM Committee working with the Posts?
Our Posts are amazing; they are the engines for making our STEM programs work. I learn about a new STEM program the Posts are doing regularly. They perform the outreach, conduct the events, and follow-up and mentor our students. I ask Posts to appoint a STEM Coordinator. This person should join the STEM committee to share ideas, learning what others are doing and help synchronize our effort to product the most efficient STEM outcomes. 

What are people in the STEM Committee passionate about?  What worries them?
STEM, and falling behind as a Nation.

How long have you been involved with STEM?
Most actively since 1999 when we launched the first SAME STEM Engineering & Construction Camp at the Air Force Academy.  

What do you hope to achieve as Chair?
Change the World - Build our Nation's Future Engineers - One student at a time. And develop engineers for jobs that haven't been invented yet and to solve problems we don't know we have, using tools that aren't even in the schools.

Tell us a little about your day job and what you love about it?
I work for Tetra Tech, a great company, working on environmental and energy projects. They also allows me to stay engaged with STEM developments. 

What has been your career path and experience in the A/E/C industry?
I graduated from the Army, Corps of Engineers in 2001 after 26 years in the Army. Since then I have worked for many great firms on large infrastructure, energy, environmental and civil works projects in a PM and BD role. Always having fun. 

What has been your involvement with SAME?
Since 1985, everything from Post boards .... to my current position as the STEM Committee Chair.

What is your favorite SAME memory?
Way too many to count, but clearly, the incredible folks in the Society and great connections. Also, having a student attend an STEM camp and six years later, having them return to camp as an engineer graduate, supporting SAME as a mentor to our future engineers... 

Join the STEM Committee
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