ACE Lift

The QL+ Accessible Cab Entry (ACE) Lift is modifying the QL+ CAT320C L chair-hoist system to enable disabled Veterans to safely enter and exit the operating cabs of a wide range of heavy equipment, such as big rigs, tractors and trash trucks. The device is central to QL+’s ‘Lift Vets to Work!’ Program, a training and certification initiative designed to expand employment opportunities for wounded warriors in construction, waste management, agriculture and transportation. To find out more about this program, click here.

Donations will go toward the engineering of the ACE Lift system to enable individuals with mobility issues to safely and easily enter and exit a range of heavy machinery. To make a donation, please use the secure online form. All project sponsors and donors will be listed on this webpage.

"The ACE Lift technology is a central part of QL+’s 'Lift Vets to Work!' program, which focuses on expanding employment opportunities for wounded warriors in construction. This is a win-win partnership for the business community, who will have access to a larger skilled and motivated workforce; and for wounded warriors seeking broader career opportunities." - Chuck Harrington, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Parsons Corporation

Individual Donors:

Aaron Patrick

Alastair Gordon Scott

Amed Munoz-Diaz

Anne Malewicz

Anthony Semento (Dallas Post)

Arl Altman

BG Thomas Kula (Dallas Post)

Carolyn Brittin (Dallas Post)

Carson Powers Jr.

Catherine Weber

Charles Szollosy

Charlie Hart (Dallas Post)

Christina Hamski

Christine Gotti (Dallas Post)

Christopher Bowers (Dallas Post)

Col. James R. Van Epps (Ret.) F. SAME

Constantine "Gus" Marinos (Dallas Post)

Craig Diffie

Daniel Hambrock

Daniel Patton (Dallas Post)

David Cotts

David G. Cotts

Dennis Arnold

Dennis E. Tripp

Douglas Taylor

Dr. & Mrs. Bob Wolff

Dwight Beranek

Edward & Jeanna Heyse

Eric Osaki

Fred Davis

Gregory Brown

Gregory Kuhn, PE, F.SAME

James Bullock

Jason Villemaire

Jeff Maack

Jerry Caldwell

John D. Matthews

John Schroeder

Judy Wilson

Julie Fisher

Larry Janak

Lorenz Schoff

Lymari Merheb

Maria Guerra-Stoll

Marsha Brewer (Dallas Post)

Martin Jung

Mary Horner

Michael Black

Michael Ray

Mike Rickman (Dallas Post)

Nancy Alvarez-Hernandez (Dallas Post)

Olson Okada

Patricia Karl

Paul Krebs P.E. (Dallas Post)

Phil Loftis

Phillip Brown

Phillip Mongeau (Dallas Post)

Raymond Lawing

Rear Adm. Christopher J. Mossey

Robert Green

Robert Todd

Roger Young

Roy Evans

Russell R. Karl

Samuel Stuart

Scott Axelrood

Scott Waisner

Stephen Curtis

Stephen T. Sharr

Terry Montville

Thomas Reynolds

Tom Griffith

Tracy Steeter (Dallas Post)

Vicki Dixon (Dallas Post)

William Barker

William Smmiley (Dallas Post)

Organization Donors:

Advanced Integration Group, Inc

Coburn Contractors

Gulf Coast Architectural Group, Inc


Parsons Corporation

Robins & Morton

SAME - Huntsville Post

SAME - Huntsville Post

SAME - Mobile Post

SAME - San Diego Post

SAME Detroit Post

SAME Piscataqua Post

SAME- Robins Air Force Base Post

Sherlock, Smith, & Adams 

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