Myoelectric Mouse Control Project

Myoelectric stimulation of residual limb(s) as soon and as often as possible after amputation helps retain crucial nerve endings in amputees, allowing for greater control of prostheses fitted at a later date. The Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas, is a rehabilitation center that uses nerve stimulation control to interface with software games. The medical technology currently in use by occupational therapists and physiotherapists, both there and elsewhere, is limited and outdated in comparison to current market technology.

This QL+ Project will develop a myoelectric control based interface for a standard USB computer mouse. Creating a rehabilitative experience that is engaging and fun will assist in improving the life of the patients. This rehabilitation serves as a precursor to prosthetic options.

Donations for the Prosthetic Knee-Leg Lift  and the Myoelectric Mouse projects were made to QL+ on March 28, 2012, at the Golden Eagle Dinner; no further donations are being accepted for these projects.  However, SAME is accepting donations for the Universal Lift Program. Click here to donate today.

Individual Donors:

Bob & Phyllis Wolff

Charles J. Williams P.E., DBIA, PMP

Command Sgt. Maj. William McDaniel Jr., USA (Ret.)

Daniel Palaghiuc

Dennis T O'Geary

Diana Dawkins

Gary Basham

Harold Rosen

Jeff and Denise Sorenson

John B. Swartwout

Rear Adm. Sven E. Rodenbeck

Tony Leketa

William C. Allanach

Organization Donors:

2011 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference


Coast Harbor Assoc., Inc. Employees

Evans-Graves Engineers, Inc.

Farnsworth Group, Inc.

Gulf Coast Architectural Group

H&S Environmental Inc.

MW Builders

R.A. Burch Construction

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Sandhills Utility Services, LLC

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We have met our projected goal as of Feb. 24, 2012. Please keep the momentum going by donating today!

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