Prosthetic Knee - Leg Lift Project

Approximately 6 percent of U.S. military veterans with limb amputations are classified as bilateral, above-the-knee amputees. Restricted movement of the leg at the knee joint while walking on inclined surfaces or stair cases adds unnecessary strain due to the individual's need to use his/her upper body to move up and down stair cases.

The Prosthetic Knee-Leg Lift project will build upon the advances already achieved, further refining the design to maximize the prosthesis’ security and comfort, and reduce the weight of the design. A redesign of the device for a bilateral, above-the-knee amputee should focus on making it easier for the user to climb stairs and will enable these individuals to gain access to any location, including work places, regardless of ADA compliance. Click the photo below to see the Cal Poly student project team members. It is the team’s intent that the Prosthetic Knee – Leg Lift Project will be quiet, convenient, and helpful to amputees who want the same mobility that others can achieve.

Donations for the Prosthetic Knee-Leg Lift  and the Myoelectric Mouse projects were made to QL+ on March 28, 2012, at the Golden Eagle Dinner; no further donations are being accepted for these projects.  However, SAME is accepting donations for the Universal Lift Program. Click here to donate today.

Individual Donors:

Bob & Phyllis Wolff

Bob Rush & Erica Ellis

Charles J. Williams P.E., DBIA, PMP

Col John R Wise (Ret.)

David Dee

Dennis T O'Geary

Elizabeth Koski

Gary Basham

Greg Kuhn, P.E., F.SAME

Joseph & Lynda Stuber

Larry Janak

LTC Stephen R Taylor

Lynden Peters

Marv & Julie Fisher

Michael Pavlides

Rachel Brydon Jannetta

Tom Conrad

Tom Rath

William A. Daly

William C. Allanach


Organization Donors:

Aarcher Inc.


ASSET Group Inc.

Coast Harbor Assoc, Inc. Employees

Grumbach Consulting, LLC

Gulf Coast Architectural Group

H&S Environmental Inc.

ITSI Gilbane Company

MW Builders

R.A. Burch Construction

SAME Detroit Post

SAME Kentuckiana Post 

SAME National

SAME Wichita Mountains Post

SAME-Washington DC Post

Sandhills Utility Services, LLC



We have met our projected goal as of Jan. 13, 2012. Please keep the momentum going by donating today! 

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