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Lt. Col. Matt Altman, Ph.D., P.E., USAF, is an Air Force Civil Engineer serving as a Legislative Affairs Officer for the North American Aerospace Defense Command/U.S. Northern Command and is Chair of the SAME Young Member Council...
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Quality of Life + (QL+)

Quality of Life + (QL+) is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization created to foster and generate innovations to aid and improve the quality of life for those injured in the line of duty. QL+ accepts challenges from wounded active-duty service members and retired military veterans, members of the intelligence and law enforcement communities, first responders and other public servants injured in the line of duty. These challenges become projects at the state-of-the-art QL+ Laboratory, located at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, Calif.

By harnessing the exceptional creative and engineering skills of students and faculty at Cal Poly, QL+ succeeds in developing innovative solutions that help our nation’s heroes live, work and play. You can read more about the QL+ initiatives and organization at www.qlplus.org or see highlights published in the summer 2012 edition of Innovation, the quarterly publication of the Industrial Designers Society of America. Click here to read the article [PDF].

Click here to see a video on the QL+ Program aired by KSBY-TV, the NBC affiliate in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.



Contributing to QL+

SAME is collecting contributions for QL+ to enable the organization to continue its important work. [Scroll down for a list of donors and total dollars raised to date.] Donations may be made using SAME’s secure online form.

Donations raised through SAME pay for materials, Cal Poly instructor time to mentor research teams, and on occasion, student stipends. Your contribution the QL+ efforts supports both Wounded Warriors and the education and mentoring of future engineers—one aspect of the SAME mission.



SAME and QL+ — Partnering for Success

In 2011, the SAME WWTF recommended two QL+ projects to sponsor for the fall 2011 Cal Poly semester: the Prosthetic Knee-Leg Lift; and the Myoelectric Mouse Control. In early 2012, SAME added the Accessible Cab Entry (ACE) Lift Project. SAME’s goal to raise $25,000 for each project was reached and all three projects were fully-funded.

Donations for the Prosthetic Knee-Leg Lift and the Myoelectric Mouse Projects were made to QL+ on March 28, 2012, and donations for the Accessible Cab Entry (ACE) Lift Project were made to QL+ on March 27, 2013. Both presentations were made at the Golden Eagle Dinner held in Md.

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Individual Donors:

Aaron Burger

Aaron Falkenmeyer

Aaron Patrick

Adam Cucci

Adam Czekanski

Alvaro Villalta

Amed Munoz-Diaz

Amelia DaCruz

Anita Trout

Ann Erin Mercer

Anne Malewicz

Antonio Puller

Antony Person

Ardo Holmgrain

Arl Altman

Arturo Arboleda

Ashley Towns

Ben Hunter

Benjamin Montoya

Bertram Alexander

Billy Frost

Bobby Gaddis

Brad Thompson

Brandon Martin

Brandon Wing

Brian Ball

Brian Blevins

Brian Branagan

Brian Perkins

Brian Peterson

Brian Stock

Brian Trainor

Bulent Hatipoglu

Byron Walker

Carl Sciple

Carl Sims

Carl Thompson

Carlos Nixon

Carnegie Askins

Caroline Mayer

Caroll Winslow

Catherine Weber

Ceasar Santucci

Charles Bashor

Charles Dewey

Charles Dierker

Charles Downs

Charles Heim

Charles Larsen

Charles Livers

Charles Sneeden

Charles Szollosy

Charles Taylor

Chike Monwuba

Christian DeLaRosa

Christian St. George

Christina Hamski

Christopher Larson

Christopher McClure

Christopher Mills

Christopher Moore

Christopher Sorter

Clarence E. Hall

Constance Roy-Fisher

Coreen Cecil

Craig Diffie

Craig Kish

Craig Ray

Craig Rudy

Daniel Blaydes

Daniel Bowen

Daniel Hambrock

Daniel Larned

Daniel Proctor

Darrell LaRoche

Darron Rolle

Dave Buemi

Dave Robau

David Bick

David Cotts

David Detwiler

David Magnuson

David Maurer

David McNeil

David Spaulding

David Sroka

David Strain

David Tirrell

David Yamamoto

Davie Herberger

Denis Fewell

Dennis Arnold

Derril McDonald

Don Crumbley

Don Crumbley

Donald Englebreth

Donald Wuerz

Donn Stiner

Donovan Lajoie

Doug Ament

Douglas Lehmann

Douglas Taylor

Drew Raw

Dwight Beranek

Dwight Metcalf

Dwight Miller

Dylan Scott

Early Rush

Edmund Giering

Eduardo Alatorre

Edward Cayous

Edward Munns

Edward Rogan

Edward Ruinello

Elbert Tschoepe

Elijah McMahan

Elizabeth Halford

Elizabeth Keysar

Elizabeth Nakagawa

Eric Osaki

Eric Russell

Eric Russell

Eric Russell

Eric Warner

Eric Wilson

Erick Martinez

Erik Minnis

Eugene Hubbard

Everett Maguire

Fitz Chaviz

Floyd Currie

Floyd McCray

Frank Rodgers

Fred Davis

Freddie Rush

Frederic Petit

Gary Anaya

Gary Calese

Gary Niro

Gavin Goo

George Robertson

Glenn Daly

Glenn Forrest

Glennda Luhnow

Gordon Bratz

Gregory Breerwood

Gregory Brown

Gregory Goepfert

Gregory Gunter

Gregory Linville

Guy Jester

Heather Wishart-Smith

Henry Morehead

Herbert Bell

Herbert Bell

Hugo Via

Ivan Cavenall

Iyunade Oduneye

J. Barry George

J. Michael Grayson

Jacob Dunbar

Jacob Worthington

Jacqueline Wittmann

Jaime Rojas

Jame Trautt

James Blazek

James Bullock

James Bullock

James Butler

James D'Agostino

James Doebler

James Eckloff

James Ellis

James Horine

James Irvin

James Lyon

James McNeill

James Metalios

James Wells

Jared Corsi

Jason Heering

Jason Villemaire

Jeff Maack

Jeffrey Brand

Jeffrey Merz

Jenifer Lewis

Jennifer Fogg

Jeremy Hall

Jesse Pangelian

Jesus Cacapit

Jesus DeLaPena

Jim Amy

Jim Carter

Jin Quin

John Armitage

John Callaghan

John Eaglin

John Ford

John Foster

John Goga

John Hearn

John Lai

John Lai

John Lang

John Oglesby

John Rickert

John Saunders

John Steele

John Thielst

Johnny Shaw

Jorge Monserrate

Jorge Villacres

Jose Naranjo

Joseph Ahearn

Joseph Ludovici

Joseph Poliseno

Joseph Zdaniewicz

Juan Gallegos

Judy Wilson

Jury Brown

Juvenal Salomon

Kari Weniger

Karl Schmid

Katie MacGregor

Kellie Sak

Kenneth Miller

Kenneth Steele

Kerry Degener

Kevin Kaufman

Kevin Loftus

Kevin Smith

Kimberly Davidson

Kimberly O'Keefe

Kirk Engelbart

Klaus Rosenstern

Krescenty Nowacki

Kwame Boateng

Kyle Kowalchuk

Larry Greep

Laura Pager

Lawrence Levy

Leanne Holladay

Leo Laviolette

Leonard Soo Hoo

Leonard Winchester

Leonardo Flor

Lester Lowe

Linda Tegarden

Linda Tegarden

Lisa Kuruvilla

Lloyd Brown

Lorance Lisle

Lorenz Schoff

Malini Glueck

Maria Guerra-Stoll

Mark Blackburn

Marsha Mose

Martin Jun

Martin Snider

Mary Bridgewater

Mary Roth

Matthew Bray

Matthew Modic

Matthew Perrett

Megan Kerns

Melanie Kito

Melroy Brandt

Michael A. Edgar

Michael Beezley

Michael Black

Michael Ellicott

Michael Evasovic

Michael Gale

Michael Hanks

Michael Johnson

Michael Langer

Michael Maier

Michael Mick

Michael O'Bryan

Michael Ray

Michael Reinhardt

Michael Scott

Michael Wright

Mike Ernst

Mitchell Kirkland


Nathan Foust

Nathaniel Crain

Neville Anderson

Newton Baker

Nicholas Antonio

Noelle Bomberger

Norberto Castro

Oleh Skrypczuk

Olivia Furlan

Patrick Albritton

Patrick Garey

Patrick McCune

Paul Emilius

Paul Gilbert

Paul Quinn

Paul Spillman

Peter Bahm

Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn

Phillip Brown

Phillip Cyr

Quincy Purvis

Ray Chandler

Raymond Ball

Raymond Heinselmann

Raymond Holland

Raymond Rehrer

Raymond Willcocks

Reginald Allen

Richard Moriwaki

Richard Smith

Robert Adamski

Robert Bader

Robert Green

Robert LoPinto

Robert Nahabedian

Robert Neal

Robert Stromsted

Robert Tyzzer

Rodrigo Granadino

Roger Bush

Roger Hargrove

Roger Young

Roger Zebarth

Romona Barnes

Ronald Lovell

Ronald Thompson

Rose Forbes

Russel Mayer

Russell Barnes

Russell Davis

Ryan Paul

Sal Nodjomian

Samuel Florman

Samuel Galyk

Samuel Stuart

Scott Axelrood

Scott Willey

Sean Harmon

Sean Warren

Shawn Shuler

Shiraz Tayabji

Sidney Allison

Spencer Colburn

Stanley Murphy

Stephanie Keller

Stephen Farkas

Stephen Shepard

Stephen Showalter

Stuart Houck

Stymie Doolan

Susan Mack

Sven Rodenbeck

Sven Rodenbeck

Terry Montville

Terry Read

Thomas Campbell

Thomas Gambucci

Thomas Goubeaux

Thomas Julich

Thomas May

Thomas Reynolds

Thomas Stallman

Tim Goyette

Timothy Brasuell

Timothy O'Rourke

Timothy Rourke

Timothy Smith

Todd Jackson

Tom McCleave

Toni McDonough

Travis Carter

Travis Lindberg

Trudy Carr

Tyler Scharar

Verna James

Victor Driskell

Vince Adams

Vincent Hock

Walker Johnson

Wallace Hirouji

Walter Smith

Warren Stallings

William A. Smith

William Barker

William Brown

William Cantey

William Haight

William James

William Kind

William Miller

William Treadway

William Vogel

Willie Gadsden Jr.

Wilson Jones

Zachary Brunson


Organization Donors:

Advanced Integration Group, Inc

Advanced Integration Group, Inc.

Advanced Intergration Group, Inc.

Apogee Consulting Group, P.A.

ATI, Inc.

Atlas Engineering

Basement Waterproofing Specialists

Basha Services, LLC

Bender Dean Engineering

Borbas Surveying & Mapping, LLC

CCI Solutions, LLC

Detroit Post

Diaz. Yourman & Associates

Diversified Construction

Dulohery, Weeks & Gagliano Inc. EDI Building Consultants, Inc.

GENTERRA Consultants, Inc.

Goodwyn Mills and Cawood, Inc

Gundersen Health Systems Lab Fund

HBA Architecture & Interior Design

IDC Inc.


John J. Guth Associates Inc.

Keithline Engineering Group, Pllc

Leesburg Concrete Company, Incorporated

Locke Solutions

Magnus Pacific Corporation

Manson Construction Co.

MHF Services

Mobile Post

Morgan Inc.

MS Consultants

Nagel Services, LLC

Oates Associates, Inc

ORB Architects, Inc.

Orion Construction Corporation

Pate Construction Company, Inc.

Porter Scientific Consultants LLC

RC&D, Inc.

RMD Consulting LLC

SAME-Robins Air Force Base Post

SAME-San Diego Post

San Diego Post

Sheladia Associates, Inc.

SKE International

Straight Arrow Consulting

Summit Technical Resources, Inc.

TDR Construction, Inc.

Terra Sonic International, LLC

Tooke & Smith Consultants LLC

US CAD Hawaii

Vansant & Gusler Inc.

Welsh Commissioning Group, Inc.