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2018 Officers and Board of Directors




President Mr. Col Michael Staples
Michael.Staples@us.af.mil (907) 522-3007 (w)
1st Vice President Ms. Michelle Gallagher mgallagher@rimarchitects.com (907) 258-7777 (w)
2nd Vice President Michael Deegan mdeegan@wm.com

3rd Vice President Ms. LtCol Kim Riggs kariggs@alaska.edu
Junior Vice President Ms. Stefanie Armstrong stefanieayyaiyakarmstrong@gmail.com
(907) 947-9148 (c)
Secretary Mr. Capt. Jeff Mellgren jeffrey.mellgren.1@us.af.mil

(907) 552-9301 (w)

Treasurer Mr. Alan Quesnel masteraj@mtaonline.net (907) 339-6583 (w)
Past President Ms. Maria Talasz maria.talasz@stantec.com
(907) 343-5257 (w)

Military  Representatives

Military Unit Rep (USACE) TBA
Alternate Military Unit Rep (USARAK) TBA
Military Unit Rep (AKNG or Reserves) Ms. LtCol Kim Riggs kariggs@alaska.edu
Enlisted Military Rep - NCO Mr. CMSgt Jeffrey Ruckman Jeffrey.Ruckman@us.af.mil (907) 552-0319
Military Unit Rep (673 CEG) Mr. Col Michael Staples
(907) 552-9301
Military Unit Rep (USACE) Mr. Col Michael Brooks michael.s.brooks27.mil@mail.mil (907) 753-5728


Seat A Mr. Pat Coullahan p.coullahan@gci.net (907) 717-6879 ( c)
Seat A Ms. Candace White Candace.White@MarshCreekLLC.com (907) 343-0393 (w)
Seat A Mr. Allan Lucht Allan.Lucht@us.af.mil (907) 552-3747 (w)
(907) 350-9473 (c)
Seat A Ms. Lori Kropidlowski lorik@ahtna.net (907) 433-0713 (w)
Seat A Mr. Thomas Fenoseff Fenoseff_Thomas@asdk12.org (907) 348-5223 (w)
Seat B Mr. Dave Gerland David.J.Gerland@usace.army.mil (907) 753-5776 (w)
Seat B Ms. Kathy Jacobson kljacobsonmnak@gmail.com (907) 351-2629 (c)
Seat B Ms. Kathy Gardner Kathy.Gardner@alyeska-pipeline.com (907) 317-4194 (c)
Seat B Ms. Kelly McGovern kelly.mcgovern@jacobs.com (907) 751-3350 (w)
Seat B Mr. Bruce Steely Bruce.Steely@us.af.mil
(907) 317-4194 (c)
Seat C Mr. Tim Gould tgould@ahtna.net (907) 433-0705 (w)
Seat C Mr. Skip Koch skip.koch@westonsolutions.com (907) 276-6610 (w)
Seat C Mr. MSgt Steven Rector steven.rector.2@us.af.mil (907) 552-3651 (w)
Seat C Mr. Bill Kontess Bill.Kontess@mbakerintl.com (907) 273-1621 (w)
Seat C Mr. MSgt Steven Rector steven.rector.2@us.af.mil (907) 552-3651 (w)
Newsletter Editor Mr. David Palmer dpalmer@energysystemsgroup.com (907) 343-5257 (w)
Webmaster Ms. Maria Talasz webmaster@sameanchorage.org (907) 343-5257 (w)

Updated May 2018