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SAME Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs 2018-2019 Contact Information


SAME c/o Mindy Hinsley
c/o Aria Environmental, Inc.
P.O. Box 286
Woodbine, MD 21797

Office Name Affiliation Phone e-mail
OFFICERS President Heather Polinsky ARCADIS-US 410.230.9961
1st VP Randy Westfall
2nd VP Stacy Kahatapitiya
ARC Environmental Inc.
Secretary Mindy Hinsley Aria Environmental, Inc. 410.549.5774
Asst Secretary Rad Delaney PRIME AE 410.654.3790
Treasurer Layne Young ARCADIS-US 410.332.4806
Asst Treasurer VACANT
DIRECTORS Director Carrie Ann Williams (16) pp Andana Consulting LLC 443-297-9535
Director Judy Hackett Pennoni 610.422.2482
Director John Osborn (16) pp Louis Berger 202-303-2662
Director Maria (Ree) Miskimon (16) PRIME AE 410.654.3790
Director Melissa Smith (15) pp EA Engineering 410.329.5116
Director Rob Scrafford (17) pp Gannett Fleming 443.348.2017(8344)
Young Member Director Nicole Walworth (12) Sia Solutions, LLC 410.949.1785
COMMITTEES Scholarship-Chr Ola Awosika
Scholarship-CoChr VACANT N/A
Associate Society Melissa Smith EA Engineering 410.329.5116
Webmaster Rob Scrafford Gannett Fleming 443.348.2017
Recognition-Chr VACANT

Recognition-Co Chr VACANT
Young Members-Co-Chr VACANT
Programs-CoChr Heather Polinsky ARCADIS-US 410.230.9961
Programs-CoChr Bill Burris JB Andrews 301-981-1155
Fellows Committee-Chr Denise Tegtmeyer Sundance Consulting 443.857.4036
Fellows Committee-Co-Chr VACANT
Communications-Chr Carrie Ann Williams Andana Consulting LLC 443-297-9535
Communications Co-Chr Rob Scrafford Gannett Fleming 443.348.2017(8344)
Student Posts-Chr Jeff Johnson ARGO Systems 410.768.2444
Student Posts-CoChr VACANT
USNA Student Post Kevin Burnett USNA 410.293.6505
Student Mentoring-Chr VACANT
Engineers Week-Chr Blaine Linkous WBCM 410.512.4539
Protocol Officer Art Smit 410.409.8360
Membership Chr Maria (Ree) Miskimon PRIME AE 410.654.3790
Membership Co-Chr Elaine Guarriello Whiting Turner 410.494.2756
National Security-CoChr Randy Westfall DOD 301.688.6550
National Security-Chr Grant Heslin Sia Solutions, LLC 410.385.5279
Philanthropic-Co Chair Andy Parker American Engineering Group 717.920.7021
Philanthropic-Chair Stacy Kahatapitiya ARC Environmental Inc 410.659.9971
Camp POC Alison Hines ARGO Systems 410.768.2444
ESB-POC Asha Hislop 410.539.6914(ext112)