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Philanthropic Outreach

Baltimore Post sponsors activities to assist veterans and other disadvantaged members of the local community. Our co-chairs for our philanthropy committee are Stacy Kahatapitiya, Arc Environmental: and Andy Parker, AE Group:

Education Outreach

College Mentoring

Baltimore Post has established a student chapter at the US Naval Academy and stays actively involved by mentoring students and their leaders from the post.  Our lead for the USNA Post is John Osborne, F.SAME  John also chairs and coordinates the annual Engineer's Appreciation Dinner at the Naval Academy.

High School Outreach

Our "Day with an Engineer" shadowing program offers hands-on engineering experience to local Baltimore high school students at local engineering firms. Blaine Linkous of WBCM, chairs our committee:

Summer Camp

SAME offers Summer Camp experience to high school students in four venues. Allison Hines, ARGO, leads our summer camp program:

Middle School STEM Outreach

Baltimore Post sponsors local Baltimore Middle School students for a one-day event in the spring of each year: Easy as Pi. This STEM event includes students from most counties in Maryland who converge on the Engineer's Club for hands-on instruction in STEM topics by multiple presenters.  We had an astronaut one year!  This event is coordinated/chaired by Laura O'Donnell from AECOM;

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