2020 Virtual Golf Tournament

Join us for a round of golf (18-holes). Course and time are up to you! Play when and where you want any day between May 18 and May 31 to participate. Registration is open and will be closed at the end of day May 15.

Buy-in = $10

Best Score = 25% of Total Buy-In
Best SAME Representation (wear your SAME gear or some red & blue) = 15% of Total Buy-In
Random Drawing (Feeling Lucky?) = 10% of Total Buy-In

If you want to play a couple rounds throughout the two weeks, you can register for as many rounds of golf as you want. Just remember to submit each round that you register for. To be entered to win a prize, you need to fulfill the following:

- Be registered for each round prior to May 15
- Submit your final score(s) by June 2
- Submit a picture of your self on the golf course for each round

Each round counts as one entry for each of the three prizes as long as the above conditions are met.


We are still committed to providing scholarships to our STEM-related students this year, but we need your help to reach our fundraising goal to do so. Proceeds from this virtual golf tournament will go towards our Scholarship Fund.


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