2022 STEM/Engineering & Construction Camps

The Society of American Military Engineers, in collaboration with the Military Services, offers a series of engineering/STEM camps designed for High School students who excel in math, science and technology courses and are interested in pursuing engineering, architecture, or a related field in college. These one–week camps are high energy, hands–on events for students from across the country and around the world. The camps are led by a professional staff of engineers from both private industry and the uniformed military services. 

Each camp has its own unique focus and theme and is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn what engineers do from professional engineers, learn practical skills and gain exposure to the military services. Your first step is to determine if you are eligible and then go through the application process for the camp you select. Information specific to each camp may be found at http://www.same.org/STEMCAMPS. The five camp locations and schedules for 2022 are:

Camp Name


Camp Dates

Online Application Deadline

Registration Fee

U.S. Navy STEM Engineering & Construction Camp

Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, CA

June 19-25

March 15


U.S. Army Engineering & Construction Camp

US Army Corps of Engineers

Vicksburg, MS

June 12-18

March 15


U.S. Marine Corps Engineering & Construction Camp

Camp Lejeune
Jacksonville, NC

June 29-25

March 15


U.S. Air Force Academy Engineering & Construction Camp

USAF Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

June 23 - 29

March 15




U.S. Air Force Engineering & Construction Camp

Scott Air Force Base

Scott AFB, IL

July 25 - 30

March 15




The student will be responsible for paying half the registration fee specified in the table above. The sponsoring SAME Post will pay the remainder of the registration fee and transportation fee.

Mentors & Staff: SAME STEM/Engineering and Construction Camps offer SAME Young Members and Non-commissioned Officers valuable opportunities to mentor tomorrow’s engineering leaders. Mentors assist with student activities, and teach students about real-world architecture, engineering, environmental science or other related disciplines in which they have experience. Mentors spend the week at the camp and are assigned to groups of students to help guide, train, educate, coach and lead the campers through each day’s activities.  To become a Mentor, you must be a SAME Young Member or NCO Member with a record of active participation at the Post, Region, or National level; obtain an endorsement from SAME Post President that will be sponsoring you (paying for your travel to camp); have experience in mentoring or coaching young people; commit to attending the entire week-long camp; be experienced in military, civil or environmental engineering, or a related field, in the public or private sector; and be physically fit and healthy. 
Process for Applying:

1.  Create a Camper Account through the SAME National portal
2.  Submit all your required Camper information. 
3.  Apply to Camp(s). 
Additional information may be found at http://www.same.org/STEMCAMPS  or by contacting Christopher J. Hinson, PE, PMP at 843-875-3637 or charlestonsame@gmail.com.